The "Blind Wine Chick"
Friday, May 25, 2012 at 01:02 PM | Jen King
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Alex Elman Wines, first released in 2011 and now available in New York, offers “correctly made, honest, authentic, and organic wines that are approachable and affordable to the American consumer.” The wines are exceptional. They are selected based on easy drinkability, are easily paired with food, represent the lesser-known wine producing regions of the world, and most importantly, they’re made without harming our environment. The woman behind the wine is just as exceptional and awe-inspiring as the wines her brand offers to consumers.

The self-proclaimed, “blind wine chick,” Alex Elman, was exposed to fine wines and world cuisines at a very early age by her American oenophile father and Brazilian chef mother. Born in New York City, Alex spent parts of her childhood in France and Brazil as well as Manhattan where her early exposure developed her discerning and focused palate along with a deeply rooted passion for wine. After graduating from Boston University, Alex worked for Perrier-Joeüt Champagne in Epernay, France. While at Perrier-Joeüt, Alex learned wine production methods, proper blending of grapes, aging techniques, packaging, storage, and sales. After leaving France, Alex went to work for Sherry Lehman, the most famous wine retailer and cataloger in the United States. It was at Sherry Lehman’s that Alex developed her appreciation for the lesser-known wines and wine regions unfamiliar to the average wine drinker.

At age 27, Alex lost her eyesight completely, after multiple surgeries in hopes to save her eyesight, due to diabetes complications. Losing her sight did not tarnish her positive and inspiring energy and in no way diminish her focus and love of fine wines. If anything, being able to take her already well-tuned palate, with a somewhat heightened sense of smell, Alex is able to be “in the glass.” She explains that within her mind’s eye she is transported to the region and vineyard of each wine her brand offers where she can see the vintners in the vineyards delicately taking care of their grapes and even the soil. Alex travels the world with her loveable and quite adorable Seeing Eye Dog, Hanley, who is feature alongside Alex on her wine labels, in search of the best organic and artisanal wines from all corners of the globe.   

Alex Elman Wines offers Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Malbec, Torrontes, Chianti, and Bin 721 NBM (an Italian blend made from 70% Nebbiolo, 20% Barbera, and 10% Merlot).

Check out Alex’s webisode below to see Alex in action at DaSilvano’s, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, dissecting the complexity of a glass of wine.  

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