[VIDEO] Bad Person Eats 14 Endangered Twinkies
Takeru Kobayashi inhales 14 highly endangered Twinkies for entertainment!


We're sure you all know by now that Hostess (legendary maker of Twinkies) has filed for bankruptcy. Meaning,  Twinkie's days are numbered. Then along comes this Takeru guy in his v-neck sweater; who goes on the Wendy Williams Show, and inhales fourteen of them in ONE minute to set some record that doesn't even matter! This behavior will certainly leave us mortals forced to deep fry secondary artery-clogging, obesity-inducing snacks such as Oreos, Snickers bars, and churros. Or we may even resort to Beef Twinkies.

If Kobasyashi keeps this up, what will become of us all? Who will we turn to, Little Debbie?