Review: Rusko's "!" EP

Rusko's new "!" EP is exactly the kind of fresh-faced fun dance music needs. After a year long hiatus from the scene, Rusko returns with a 5-track release that doesn't subscribe to any kind of genre specific label, but instead creates the most unlikely yet undeniably satisfying combinations of sound and style.

The EP starts of strong with 'Like A Boss,' a fancy, funky track that perfectly introduces Rusko's production approach on "!." While 'Like A Boss' sounds like a full band formed up to record it, Rusko's control over the instrumentation is just the first of many testaments to who he is and what he can do.

Giveaway: LOSE IT! Fridays with 3LAU at Pacha NYC

This week, Pacha's LOSE IT! Fridays weekly party invites and welcomes everyone to step in 3LAU'S HAUS. Only a few years ago, Justin Blau started making a name for himself in the dance music community by masterfully mashing up tracks and banging out bootlegs of popular songs so as to fit better into his lightning quick mixing and energetic sets. Now, a master of his craft, 3LAU has made his way onto many of the biggest stages in the world, including both Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and EDC NY. This Friday night, 3LAU finally makes his Pacha NYC debut, and anyone who's ever stepped into 3LAU'S HAUS before can assume just how wild and crazy it's going to be.

Weekend Pick: Popeska at SLAKE

This Friday, Popeska, the artist who, by the end of the week will have already released more music in one month than many artists do in a year, will be taking the stage at SLAKE in New York City. Wrapping up his #OneTrackADay initiative this Thursday, Popeska's appearance at SLAKE fits in perfectly with "MORE is never enough" theme that reigns supreme during the venue's weekly Friday event.

Album Review: Life in Static

Static; it’s noisy, annoying, irritating, and distracting. So how do you combat it? Pop Punk, alternative rock band, Larusso, has the answer with their new full-length CD set to release August 15th entitled Life in Static! Inspired by such bands as Blink 182, Yellowcard, and Anberlin, these guys have grown in popularity, making them a sound to look out for on the music scene. And, already boasting an extensive catalog of EP’s and LP’s, the band hopes to continue their success with this new album.

Currently on their “Don’t Call It a Comeback Tour,” this perfectly timed album speaks to fans directly about overcoming obstacles and rising above downfalls, such things the band has taken pride in standing for. The lead single, “The Voice,” sets the tone for such a message and has an empowering sound that fits well into the rest of the album. If you want a great listen and a fan of alternative rock from a band with a message check out Life in Static!

Weekend Pick:Thomas Gold at Governors Island and Pacha NYC August 2nd!

Listen up Thomas Gold fans, because today is a very important day for two reasons. First, Thomas Gold's brand new track with Borgeous, 'Beast,' was released today, July 14th, on Spinnin Records. This monstrous single, which you can listen to below, first saw the light of day during Thomas Gold's set at EDC NY, and after teasing its way around the dance music community, its finally out and ready to take a bite out of unsuspecting listeners everywhere.

Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and Ty Dolla $ign Hops On New Track For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Video

Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and, Ty Dolla $ign collaborate with producers, Kill The Noise and Madsonik on "Shell Shocked," a new single enlisted on the soundtrack for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film set to be debut in movie theaters, August 8th via Paramount Pictures and Nickolodeon Movies. On the track, Khalifa, J and Dolla $ign, who are all huge fans of TMNT, drop solid bars about the brotherhood shared by the anthropomorphic turtles, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael, as well as a warning to enemies that they are not to be messed with. The colorful lyric visual which commensurates with the timing of the lyrical flow delivered by Khalifa and his Taylor Gang crew, is directed by internet guru, Pizzaslime. The video, also illustrated by Baka and designed by John Hwang, displays animated illustrations of soaring pepperoni pizzas, turtles versus the world, orange Lamborghinis that embodies the personality of Michelangelo, and every other type of Ninja Turtle memorabilia that exudes turtle power. The single "Shell Shock," is currently available on iTunes for purchase. Check out the visual for "Shell Shocked" below.

M.I.A. Joins The Partysquad for 'Gold'

M.I.A. fans have gotten a summer treat, as a collaboration between the rapper and frequent collaborators, The Partysquad, has hit the web. The song entitled, "Gold," is a short, but hyper energetic tune, which carries the same sound that made M.I.A.'s latest album, Matangi, a fan favorite.

The Dutch Duo behind the production that helped craft the sound of M.I.A.'s latest, continues to bolster their résumé with the release of their new 'Summer Mixtape,' and with the help of 'Gold' they are making their mark on the summer of 2014.

Stream 'Summer Mixtape' here, and check out "Gold" below.

Cosmic Gate Soon to Embark on North American Tour

For an electrical music experience, headlines by an array of musical talent, the Start to Feel tour is perfect. Cosmic Gate’s Nic and Bossi are coming to a city near you (maybe) to present their newly released album.

Cosmic Gate plans to entrance the crowd with their German irresistability and trance style music. As there music has evolved since their debut in 1999, this tour will be the perfect chance for the group to display their range of music.

The duo will not only be showcasing their talents, but they will also be presenting the audience with a variety of musical guests. Andrew Rayel, Eric Lumiere, who provides the enthralling vocals for “Falling Back” and “Run Away” and Kristina Antuna will all be joining Nic and Bossi on their nationwide tour. Lumiere and Antuna will only be joining Cosmic Gate in LA, Oakland, Chicago, Toronto, and Washington DC.

The tour promises to be a euphoric experience for fans who make the wise choice to attend. With over 15 stops on their tour, the duo is sure to leave their mark across the nation.

Weekend Pick: Bushwick Music Festival

This Sunday, July 27th, head out to Bushwick for a musical extravaganza. With the purpose to promote upcoming musical talents in the New York area, this event is perfect for an chill Sunday with friends. It’s completely free and will be filled with food, drinks, vendors, and musical performances (obviously.)

Although it is the first year for this festival, they are setting a supreme precedence for the years that follow. From 12-8 at Irving Square Park, come out and enjoy eclectic music as you channel your inner child on the slip and slide or with the abundance of water balloons.

Chance The Rapper Premieres Promotional Video For “Very, Very Lonely”

Chance The Rapper gives us just a little more insight on his lovesick dilemma with the promotional visual for the single, “Very, Very Lonely,” released back in May. The video, which shows a silhouette of a man and woman grinding against each other, celebrates the one year anniversary of Chance's Acid Rap mixed taped, released on April 30th, 2013 with a backdrop that resembles the same backdrop on the mixed tape. The visual closes with the message “I’m coming over, August 3,” which may be a reference to the Chicago rapper’s upcoming set at the Lalapalooza Fest along with leading acts including, Eminem, Outkast and, Calvin Harris. However, we’re all ears if the message happens to be a heads up for his next mixed taped as well.

Revisiting Eminem's Freestyle Show Mixtape celebrates Detroit’s 313th birthday on this throwback Thursday by revisiting Eminem’s rare Freestyle Show mixtape. The 43-minute compilation of classic Slim Shady flows recorded around the time between the release of his sophomore album, The Slim Shady LP album, his first major release and, The Marshall Mathers LP (2000), is an impressive nostalgic trip on a formal introduction to one of the most lyrically gifted emcees to emerge from the Motown city. The mixtape is also followed the release of his debut album, Infinite (1996) which met generally negative reviews as well as criticism surrounding accusations of Eminem emulating the sound of Brooklyn rapper, AZ. The creation of Eminem’s alter ego, Slim Shady, a complex character, who is driven by violence and drug use, acted as a catalyst that catapulted the Detroit rapper’s career into superstardom. Although, public opinion has confirmed that Shady’s explicit lyrics, riddled with profanities, is quite disturbing, one can also debate that Eminem’s imaginative capability along with intricate metaphors and similes deemed the Slim Shady series to be a genius effort.