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Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 02:30 PM | Tina Carletto
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It's the song that will always go unrecognized in dance music. You'll hear it at festivals, lingering onto dancefloors and through headphones around the world. The song "In My Mind," will go down as a matchless spectacle and one that highlights this golden time of music to our generation. But the most beautiful thing about the track is the marvels who made it come to life. Feenixpawl, comprised of Aden Forte and Josh Soon, are the producers who made one of the most authentic songs in dance music and are quickly making their names known.

"Can't really imagine life without it," was the unanimous response of the pair when asked what they would be doing if they weren't DJing and producing music. About to kick off their first headlining US tour on Nov. 7th, the guys have a lot in store for the future. Read our Q&A below and expect to see nothing short of a momumental year for the Austrailian pair.

Where do your musical inspirations come from? We get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere really. In terms of dance music, we've always looked up to guys like Stuart Price, Eric Prydz and SHM, but growing up we listened to heaps of Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, and anything that caught our ear.

How did you both meet and come together to form Feenixpawl? We met at a nightclub that I (Josh) was running in about 2005 and Aden approached me for a gig. However it wasn't until we were playing alternate weeks at a club called Boutique in Melbourne we decided to join up and DJ together and Feenixpawl was born.

How did you both get into DJing/producing? Was it something you always wanted to do or did you sort of fall into it? A little of both. I really had no intention of DJing as a career until I began working in clubs and festivals and witnessed the vibe of the crowd. After my first few sets I was hooked. For Aden, it was probably more of a lifelong dream, he began producing a lot earlier in life and was very driven to be a DJ at a young age.

You're about to go on your first ever U.S. tour! What's going through your minds? We couldn't be more excited. Really looking forward to getting over there. Hopefully its the beginning of something special and we can keep coming back!

"In My Mind" is one of the most recognizable dance songs around the world. How does it feel to have your names on that track and how do you feel it shaped your career? Its crazy because we have been producing for a while now, so when something finally clicks and has so much success, even though its always been the goal, it still seems quite surreal. Its a great feeling though, that something we created has been heard by so many people. Its very humbling.

How did Ivan Gough and Georgi Kay come into the picture for "In My Mind?" We ran into Ivan while we were on holidays in Europe and on a night out after a few drinks we threw up the idea to work together, and then when we returned to Oz we made it happen. As for Georgi, we were looking for a vocalist for a project we were working on and heard her singing on a TV commercial. Aden got out his iPhone and Shazammed the ad, found out who she was and sent her tweet. Technology is a wonderful thing! So we flew her from Perth to Melbourne and took her to the studio with Ivan, played her some chords and went from there.

What was it like to have Kaskade ask you to remix his track "Room For Happiness?" It was a fantastic surprise and such an honour to do a remix for him. We've looked up to him for a long time and have been playing his music for years so we were extremely excited when he asked us.

What's the story behind your DJ name? We used to tell people a different story every time, but then we ran out of interesting things to say. Funnily enough the real origin is quite uninteresting. Aden's middle name is Phoenix and mine is Paul, so we changed the spelling and made it one word. We wanted something unique. Ideally a word that had actually never been written before.

Do you see any differences in the dance music scene in Australia compared to the U.S./Europe?  Not really! I think Australia as well as the US and Europe all have a great passion for dance music. Thats why its so strong around the world at the moment. Obviously due to a much larger population, the US and Europe can probably do things like festivals on a much grander scale, but having said that, theres some great festivals in Australia that are really making some noise, especially purely electronic ones like Stereosonic.

Whats your relationship like with Axwell and the rest of the Axtone family? Its great. Axwell and the guys there have done so much for us, and its truly an honour to have signed a track with them. We still keep in touch with them and hopefully we will work together again in the future.

What's in store for the future? Can we expect to see you guys at any major festivals or playing any clubs? We have plenty of new music coming out, both just Feenixpawl tracks as well as collaborations. Really looking forward to getting it all out there. After our US tour we will be heading back to Australia to play around the country on the main stage for the Stereosonic festival tour, and then we'll be putting together a more extensive US, Canada and Europe tour, so stay tuned!

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