Around the World with Miss Nine
Friday, April 13, 2012 at 01:20 PM | Meryl Luzzi
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Kristin Schrot, better known as "Miss Nine" has helped pave the way for female DJs everywhere. One of the first to ignite the model/DJ trend worldwide, Miss Nine is one charming, beautiful and talented package in demand everywhere from Seattle to Buenos Aires. When she’s not traveling the world playing the latest tracks from her own label 925 Digital, Miss Nine is busy being the ambassador for Levi’s Curve ID line and Plan International, a designer for the leather jacket brand Goosecraft and a spokesperson for Pioneer. When she’s running at full speed doing the aforementioned things, she’s listening to Michael Jackson and M83, running in forests and throwing down in the kitchen. Sorry fellas, but this fresh-faced beauty is taken.

Joonbug: What obstacles have you faced being a female in a male-dominated industry? 

Miss Nine: When I started nine years ago, it was difficult for a female to get respect. Today, it's a little more common. I see more and more females that have massive talent doing their thing. When I started, my experience was, if you're a woman you have to work a little bit harder because many people think you're a just good looking girl and therefore you can't mix. Sometimes you have to prove yourself twice. 

JB: Around the World is the first compilation off your own record label 925. How did you choose the tracks for this?

MN: I started the label a few years ago to release my own music and expose other new talent. I have so many friends that are producing that people didn't get a chance to hear so I started a label and I thought last year it was time to do a mix compilation. We have so much footage to choose from, but I picked out the best tracks that fit my sound. It's a very positive, uplifting mix.

JB: How would you describe your sound?

MN: My sound is energetic and uplifting. It gets you in the mood to go out and it makes you feel like summer is on the way.

JB: Rumor has it you're currently working on your first artist album. What can you tell us about that?

MN: Yes, I’m working on a few singles first and then the artist album will follow shortly after at the end of the year or beginning of next. I'm doing some collaborations with other producers and singers. I also want to mix another compilation on the label first and build the label up too. 

JB: How do you choose whom to collaborate with?

MN: It's a feeling I get from the vibe they bring. You have to see yourself in it too. I listen to so many different genres and if I hear something I like I just try to contact them and see if we can make something together.

JB: If you could pick anyone to collaborate with would it be?

MN: Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, it's not possible anymore, but he had such a huge impact on the music industry. 

JB: You mentioned you’re collaborating with a few new singers on your new album. Who are some of your favorite vocalists right now?

MN: There are many out there. At the moment, I like Sia and Adele. I also love Coldplay. I had an opportunity to perform with M83. I love their track “Midnight City.”  When they performed at the live stage at Ultra I was completely blown away. 

JB: What can listeners expect to hear on your monthly podcasts The Nine Sessions?

MN: It's a monthly radio show and you can download the podcast for free on iTunes. I promote my own tracks and tracks I've signed to 925 digital and global. I always try to make a full energy mix with new tracks. It's similar to my live sets.

JB: Do you have a current favorite that people can expect to hear in your sets?

MN: Yes, that would have to be my remix of Audible’s “Summit.”

JB: You're currently a spokesperson for Pioneer 350 series, but also for the Limited Edition White CDJ-2000s and White DJM-900nexus. How did that relationship come about? And what equipment do you use on a regular basis?

MN: 3 years ago, my management contacted them for something I don’t remember what it was exactly. After that they asked me to be a part of their starter set. It's not as expensive as the 1000 or 2000. It's a compact starter DJ set and I said to myself well, I started small too so why not help them promote it? They keep asking me to do many things now. It's a great relationship and a great brand. I've been playing with Pioneer for a long time. It's quality equipment. I'm honored to be a part of it.

I actually started with vinyl. There was such a feeling of it - you had something in your hands. But the new technology is good for females as well. Last week, I picked up my Pioneer 2000 set in white. It's the best thing I have right now. I'm hooked. I wear Sennheiser HD 25 studio headphones and also use DJM 900.

JB: In 2003, after little experience, you were able to secure a residency with Motion parties. How did you land the residency and what advice can you give other DJs who are looking to do the same?

MN: My boyfriend came up with the idea. He was a DJ and he told me I should try it myself. I gave it a try in my free time just for fun and somehow it worked well for me. He arranged my first gig. The first gig I had was Queensday in 2003 on a boat for a small crowd and everyone started asking who I was and the people from Motion were there. They liked my sound and they supported me from the beginning. Motion hosted their night at Panama and in different locations. I’ve always believed in myself. If you have the passion for something, it's easier to reach your goal. First choose your niche genre then go see the artists in that genre and see how they perform. Collect your music and then just follow your dreams.

JB: You moved to the Netherlands when you were quite young. What made you decide to move from Germany to Amsterdam?

MN: I moved for love. My boyfriend lived in The Netherlands and I moved there to be with him. We've been together 12 years. It doesn't feel like 12 years though, but it feels much shorter. 

JB: You recently played at the biggest trance event of the year – A State Of Trance 550 in Den Bosch. What was that experience like?

MN: It was amazing. It was my first ASOT. To be honest, I didn't expect that many people to be there when I played, but it was already crowded at 8 PM. Normally, I'm used to going on at midnight, but those people really loved to party. It was the very first time Armin did a pink stage to support females (both DJS and singers). It was such a great idea and a wonderful concept to spread worldwide. I feel very honored to be part of that. 

JB: As a both a DJ and model you have the opportunity to travel the world. Where are your favorite places to travel and what designers do you like to wear when you get there?

MN: I love New York and Tokyo. I always love my hometown, because all my family and friends still live there and I don't get to see them very often. I love Italian designers like Dolce and Gabbana. I'm also working with Goosecraft, which is a leather jacket brand. I just designed my first one.

JB: Would that be the red leather jacket you wore for your set at ASOT 550 in Den Bosch?

MN: Yes! We have a very good relationship with the designer. And we came up with the idea for me to design a piece and if they were good enough then the company would produce them. You’ll definitely be hearing more about this project.

JB: Has there ever been a moment in your career where you thought I'm not sure I can get past this. 

MN: No, you always have days where nothing goes smoothly, but then there are days when you get out of that hole. I always had this positive energy around me growing up. I always say to stay positive, but you're just human and sometimes things happen. 

JB: What's the best advice you've ever received?

MN: Believe in yourself and follow your dreams. I always say don't dream your life but live your dream!


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