EP Review: Like Herding Cats
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Tyler Kamen
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They say that curiosity kills the cat, in this case it is quite the opposite. Dom P. from New York City has given curiosity another chance, birthing the fresh sounding EP, Like Herding Cats. This fluid masterpiece of New Wave chill is a breathtaking project, perfect for a chill-party atmosphere. Created in October 2010, Dom P. had been working with Brooklyn bands such as The Rowboats and touring memebrs of St. Vincent and decided to work on his own solo EP. After recording many tracks, Dom ended up with five that would become the new record. Clocking in at about 17 minutes, Like Herding Cats can be compared to the sound of MGMT, Phantogram, and even similar elements to Animal Collective. It is a short and sweet EP that will surely leave you with amazing vibrations.

The album works in a mysterious way, opening with the track "Lift", which is a mostly instrumental peice to introduce the listener to this new experience. Its device on this EP is to slowly bring you into Dom's world, opening your eyes to the effervescent delight of his imagination. Flowing along with a floating guitar line, his voice doubles the main theme with a low chant, creating the perfect catchy motif to leave the listener an addict to his new sound. The next track, "Touch", follows the same kind of vibe, but now we hear the first lyrics on the album. The line, "Touch for the last, your fears will strike again" lends towards the idea of being with a lover, always feeling and loving, but having the sense that something can go wrong. It is a powerful song with a beautiful message, being with another person as close as you can possibly be. The third track, "Rich Girls", just like the previous songs, is extremely catchy. It is hopeful in spirit, yearning for a new love and dwelling on the "magic and music" of the rich girl. While describing the rich girl's clothes and behaviors, there is also the sense of Dom's inward description, saying that the girl also struggles with herself, "out of control, numbing the soul". The fourth track, "Trendsetter", still carries the same energy and is a call against the trends set by other people. Maybe the best line in the album, "I don't like the music you listen to, so I'm delisted from your social army", encapsulates everything about our culture and how everybody follows the "next big thing". Finally, the last track, "Years Gone", is a perfect way to end this EP. Looking back on both the album you have listened to and the memories of years past, it is also a hopeful and inspiring message for the future. We love someone for some time and the seperation from that person in your life influences you, leaving you with memories of joy, wrapped in nostalgia. 

     Like Herding Cats is an amazing debut for Dom P. It is unique and emotionally invested. Between concepts of setting trends and leaving a past love behind, it is a sonic expression of waining, wanting, and desire. This 17 minute EP will leave you hopeful for the future. It is a difficult task for the musician to take the listener into his world. Dom has done this flawlessly. By the end of the EP, you will have experienced both heartache and love-soaked resonance. It is like steppng into a party and falling in love with a person across the dance-floor at first sight. That is the exact feeling you will get from this album, the start of something new and beautiful. The cats out of the bag on this one, its time to take a listen.

Get Dom P.'s debut EP, Like Herding Cats, now! Also, look out for Like Herding Cats, touring the East Coast summer 2014!  

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