Exclusive Interview: Christian Burns
Monday, October 21, 2013 at 05:19 PM | Karlin Reed
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He’s worked with world-renowned artists and has had his roots in the music industry for his entire life, but this talented Brit is now broadening his horizons and following his passion as he branches into the world of EDM with his upcoming album, Simple Modern Answers. Christian Burns has the kind of impressive musical resume than can give listeners faith that this new album will not disappoint. His father was a member of the UK band The Signs, and Christian himself comes from the chart-topping band BBmak (try not to swoon). Armada Music is behind the album, and it’s makes it’s debut on October 25th. 

 Though the album release date is rapidly approaching, Christian found the time to talk with us about his roots, where his music is going, and what we can expect from him as an artist. 

 Having written for artists like Tiesto and Benny Benassi, how has your writing style been different creating your own album?

 I think my style is always changing and evolving slightly. The tracks I did with Tiesto and Benny were a while ago now; there are quite a lot of different types of EDM elements in the songs for Simple Modern Answers, and it was great working with so many different producers on the record as it opened me up to all kinds of diverse ideas when it came to writing.

 Your past success with BBMak is hard to ignore, but far from the world of EDM. What was the hardest part of making the transition to the electric genre and what was the catalyst?

 I guess I found it quite easy to make the transition from from rock music to dance music. One of the first and only challenges I faced was making an 8 minute instrumental into a 4 minute song. When I write EDM tracks I often take out a lot of the instrumental so I can hear all the vocal parts working together. The song is always the catalyst.

 How long has this project been in the works?

 I have been working on this project now for 2 years although a couple of the tracks on there I have had for longer. I think Me and BT wrote ‘The Enemy’ together about 4 years ago!

 What do you most hope to accomplish with this personal album?

 When I started writing the record I guess my main focus was making an album containing different types of EDM and still have them work together as one body of music. I have been lucky in a way to be able to use my voice as a kind of glue to bring all the components together.

 When you're not working on music, what's your go-to past time?

 I love video & photography but I don’t get that much time to work on that as music seems to take up all my time! 

 You're just on the cusp--but you are a Capricorn. One of the most known traits of Capricorns is that they are very hard workers--workaholics, really. Is that how you would describe yourself?

 I would say I am definitely a hard worker, I do work long hours in the studio although I love it! When you do a job that you love the hours just fly by! 

 What can we expect next from you? 

 My debut album ‘Simple Modern Answers’ is out on October 25th and I am currently working on some new collaborations that I am very excited about including a new project I have started with BT called All Hail The Silence. 


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