Exclusive Interview with OK Go Frontman Damian Kulash
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 01:15 PM | Ashley Kolpak
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One of the dynamics that is not often discussed, but is amazing to me is that the internet doesn’t have the shelf-life that pop culture does in its other instantiations. In 2005, when we released Here It Goes Again; picture any standard rock video. If it’s successful it has a month of airplay, maybe. It gets written up in Enemy, Rolling Stone, there’s a big moment and everyone’s paying attention; and maybe people will go buy the record in the record store. But with the internet, these things basically live there forever,” commented Damian Kulash, lead singer of Chicago-originated, LA based band OK Go. He was kind enough to sit down with Joonbug Lollapalooza weekend.

Perhaps best known for the aforementioned music video that forever revolutionized the way we see treadmills, OK Go continues to push the creative envelope with their stunning music and videos.

When we have a good idea we chase it,” said Kulash. “And sometimes it’s an idea with an old fashioned piano, and sometimes that’s an idea with a confetti cannon, or an interactive program, or a way to connect with our fans; they’re all kind of the same project.”

The 4-piece outfit teamed up with Kulash’s sister (and long-time collaborator) Trish Sie and modern dance troupe Pilobolus to unleash “All is Not Lost”, an html5 mega-creation released just this past week.

Kulash had this to say about the new video and the new technology:

“It’s really exciting. It’s edge of the art stuff right now, we’re pushing computers and browsers to their absolute limit. I think one day people will look back at the video we just made and it’ll seem so quaint and old fashioned because it’s like the first broadcast in color. Once that becomes completely normal, it’s sort of cute and old fashioned. What we wanted to do with that video was use that technology without it being purely a celebration of that technology It only makes sense to use that technology if it allows you do to something you couldn’t before, if it allows you to be creative in a way that you couldn’t before. What we were hoping to do was make a video in that technological realm that still felt really human and really emotional and wouldn’t feel like a demo reel for that technology.”

He also spoke about the group’s beginnings in Chicago, revealing that, “As far as the band is concerned, we only have one home town. We all live in L.A. now but there’s only one period of your life as a band where you’re playing the same clubs every week or every month, and you know everybody in every other band; and it’s all your friends, all the people that work at the clubs, and it’s such a community. Chicago had such a close-knit and intense community five years ago when we were here. It’s amazing. The Empty Bottle was where it all started for us. We played at the Metro and the Double Door as well. As far as places to hang out, I really loved Lula Café and the Maxwell Street Hotdog Stand."

Be sure to check out OK Go’s new video, all is not lost and pick up their new EP of the same name, released Tuesday, August 9th.

Link to video: http://www.allisnotlo.st/index_en.html

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