Exclusive Interview with Stateside
Friday, February 17, 2012 at 05:13 PM | Erica Esper
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How does it feel having the album out today?

Mike [singer]: It feels great, we finally have it out and we hope people keep responding as well as they have been so far. We’re just going to go out there now and pour our souls out. It feels like we have this huge weight lifted off our shoulders.

Jeff [bassist]: It’s really felt like it’s been a long time coming for this moment.

And then AOL picked it up for free streaming!

Mike: Yeah, we’ve had some really great luck the past couple weeks. I feel like people are really listening and realizing that we tried to put quality into what we do. We’ve gotten so much help from AOL, AbsolutePunk.net, just so much media attention the past few weeks.

Was there a certain direction you wanted to take with album?

Mike: A lot of things were involved with what we did and what we’ve written. A lot of the people who have interviewed us have said they liked us because we don’t have a defining genre. I think that’s what we wanted to convey, that music is supposed to be something for everyone - you don’t have to just be hardcore, or just pop-punk. 

What’s the story behind the album name?

Mike: It was kind of like a marketing ploy I guess. I thought about it and I said to myself, all these people from NYC hear the same thing every day. We all take the trains and no one’s really thought about taking that and putting it into what they do.  I mean everyone in NYC knows what that means.

What made you guys cover Taylor Swift’s "Love Story"?

Eliran [drummer]: Marketing ploy, again. [laughs]

Jeff: We just wanted to cover a song every one would know. We just threw a breakdown in there to shake up just having Mike sing.

Mike: I mean everyone will know the song, so even for a few minutes everyone can bond over that and just have fun. That’s ultimately what we want everyone to do at our shows.

As a new band, how big do you think social media plays in getting yourself out there?

Eliran: I mean it’s everything. No matter what you do in this day and age, you’re on Facebook. Everyone is on there. It’s almost like bands don’t even need actual websites anymore because we can be on every other site and promote it that way: Twitter, Facebook, all those sites.

Jeff: And it makes it quicker for us. It’s huge for us. If it wasn’t for Facebook, we wouldn’t be so popular.

Eliran: In December we had like, 27,000 Likes on Facebook. In like a month, we skyrocketed to over 50,000 Likes.  We were like “where are all these people coming from?!”


FYI: Stateside is set to play Webster Hall Studio on March 16 and open for hardcore heavyweights August Burns Red on March 24 at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. For residents in New Jersey, Stateside will be at Whitman Square Men's club on March 31st, in Blackwood.


Image courtesy of statesidenyc.com

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