Exclusive Premiere: Bonhom
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 02:36 PM | Tina Carletto
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The dream-pop project, Bonhom, are all set to release their new song, "Live For Now."  The song is the first single off their forthcoming Top of the World EP, out in early 2013 and the track hits iTunes tomorrow, December 18th. Joonbug is premiering the original as well as the remix version by Dubstep duo, Neutron, made up of Hollywood producers, Laze & Royal, who are responsible for some of the hottest songs by Tyga, The Game, Chris Brown, and Ke$ha to name a few.

Bonhom, is a new pop project co-created by two musical innovators: singer-songwriter/producer, James Coleman and DJ/producer/songwriter, Diwon. Together, they've come to produce their own unique brand of bold dreamlike pop. With the message of living in the moment, "Live For Now" is an anthem tune to blast as you're getting ready for the New Year.
With over fifteen years in the music business, most notably with Maverick Records and Warner Brothers, Coleman has performed internationally and co-wrote with renowned artists.  He lays his skillful songwriting and singing over Diwon's production, which has been described by the Village Voice as "adventurous and banging" his inventive sounds have also gained him recognition by MTV.
The release of "Live For Now" proves to be the epitome of Dreamlike Pop. The danceable beat to the dreamy vocals, it combines a classic pop sound infused with a modern style production. The song is about living in the moment, letting go of the past, and embracing the future.
What's truly special about Bonhom is that they flawlessly blend pop, rock, and electronic elements to create masterful tracks ranging from their heartfelt prayer of "Sandy Be Gentle"(a musical plea for the East Coast during Hurricane Sandy) to infectious party anthems like "Animal."

We're loving the epic fusion of Bonhom's musical talents, Coleman and Diwon surely produce the songs of which dreams are made. So be sure to score the track here as an exclusive free download!

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