Interview: All Trap Music
Saturday, December 21, 2013 at 06:41 PM | Molly Boekenheide
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Trap stars?  No, this is not a piece about the latest and greatest reality TV series, it's an introduction to Trap, the European music genre that's taking the States by storm!  Trap is an EDM off-shoot based on a catchy, yet stripped-down 808-style with repeated hip-hop vocal loops.  Thanks to artists like Diplo and Flosstradamus, as well as another crusader of the genre, All Trap Music (a YouTube channel filled with the best and brightest of trap stars), trap is creating a niche. Joonbug shot a few questions over to the people at All Trap about their history, a trap event in NYC, and much more:

As some background for our readers who may not know, what do you guys do, and how did you get started?

We launched as a YouTube channel in June or July of 2012. Just purely because I was hearing trap music, I was hearing this whole new wave, and I quite liked it! I was looking for places to hear it more, and I couldn't find a source that was doing what we wanted to hear, so we started it with no real expectations about where it would go, and it's just crazy to us that it's come this far. Then, gradually, the channel grew, and it grew kind of fast. We released our first compilation album in February, and we did some shows...we've been really busy!

How have you all been marketing the genre to help bring it from overseas to the US?

Really just through social media, through Facebook, Twitter, Google +, all those kind of things, and obviously YouTube. It's just been a kind of natural thing, really. I guess people discover us in different ways. There's not much else to it, it's just evolved, and people found us and seem to enjoy it, simple as that!

What do you all like about trap music? What makes it so different from all other genres?

I think's a lot of fun. To be honest, no one in trap really takes themselves too seriously, and there's just a lot of artists who are just really interested in exciting ideas. Because the basic framework of trap is, you know, and 808 Drumkit with some samples, so it's quite limited in that way, but producers are doing so much with those sort of limited...within the constraints of the genre, they're doing so many interesting things, and it's know, every day someone will think of something, and we'll be like, “that's a really good idea. That's sick.” Like, just coming up with new shit is what's good about trap.

Who are some artists that you think we should keep an ear out for in 2014?

There's loads! I mean, all the time, you think you know all of the good ones, and then there will be someone else, it's crazy. Massappeals' got some really cool unreleased music at the moment. Templa's another guy...I mean, there's so many people doing interesting things that I'm going to miss out on so many people! There's way too many...but check the channel, they should be on there!

We've read that there's a trap music event being organized for NYC. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

I mean, yeah, we're working on it at the moment. We're not quite there yet, as it's in the quite early phases of things, so we can't really give you very many details. But yeah, we're really trying to get out to the US as much as we can in 2014...we just want to come party with you guys!

How did you choose your artists for the compilation? What stood out about them?

I mean, it's just music we like, really. There's no formula or criteria that we use to pick artists. We just find music that we like and run with it, it's as simple as that.

What does the future hold for trap music?

It's impossible to say. I mean, a year and a half ago, this scene didn't even exist, no one really knows! We think that's its just an interesting style of music and are so happy to be a part of it. But yeah, hopefully just loads more music, because that's really what it's about at the end of the day.

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