R.E.M's New Star Power filled Video
Featuring a Lindsay Lohan Cameo with James Franco Behind the Camera

Lindsay Lohan being directed by James Franco in Blue by REM

R.E.M.'s latest and final much anticipated album, Collapse into Now, features a new song called "Blue." The song's video features Lindsay Lohan, as a Hollywood washed up actress frolicking and posing for fashion photographer Terry Richardson, directed by none other than Jack of all trades, James Franco. 

The five minute-video displays shaky and out of focus Hollywood iconic hot spots like the Chateau Marmont and Roosevelt Hotel, where Lohan is being photographed after a typical night out on the town. 

Franco also makes appearances in the video dressed in drag, cheekishly posing for the cameran donned in a blonde wig and red lipstick. 

R.E.M. announced last year that after 31 years together, they're soon calling it quits.