Ashely Olsen on cover of Marie Claire
Monday, August 10, 2009 at 11:59 AM | Jenna Androlewicz
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Ashley Olsen isn’t your typical 23-year-old. She became a child superstar as an infant on Full House, a multi-millionaire by her teens, and a style icon all by the time she went to her first college party. In this month's issue of Marie Claire, Olsen tells the magazine why fashion is so important to her and how you’ve either got style or you don’t.

Olsen says it was when she and twin-sister Mary-Kate were going to NYU that they discovered the power of personal style. “Between the big sunglasses and the Starbucks cup and the big sweaters, the hobo-chic thing, we were more shocked than anything…I get it; we were fortunate enough to have really nice clothes and we put them together in the raggedy way,” she continues, “you’re either born with a sense of style or you’re not. Either you care or you don’t. And we LOVE fashion.” Ashley also tells the magazine that now she is taking the time to solely focus on fashion, while Mary-Kate focuses on film.

She designs a couture fashion label with her sister called The Row, named after the famous Savile Row in London. The two also launched a new line, which Ashley is also Creative Director of, named ‘Elizabeth & James’ after their siblings. She hopes to expand the contemporary line and create more affordable and ready-to-wear pieces in the future.

No matter how you look at it there is no doubt that this fashion icon has got some serious style!



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