DIY Mardi Gras Fashion
Friday, February 28, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Hollie Smith
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There is no doubt that Mardi Gras is one of the most festive holidays of the year! Chalk full of great food, fun music, and sexy drinks, this modern day way of welcoming in Ash Wednesday is widely associated with the city of New Orleans, but still celebrated worldwide.  And as with most celebratory occasions, there is a certain form of dress coupled with the holiday; shades of yellow, purple, and green cover costume-like Medieval garb, as beads and masks seal the deal. 

We here at, know just how creative our readers are, so we proudly present you with these DIY tips to prepare you costume this coming Mardi Gras! 



Inspired by the lace detail in Hilary's Duff's mask in A Cinderella Story, we spotted this beautiful number all over our Pinterest and it was a must! Super easy and super adorable. 

For this DIY you need the template (and full instructions) from Sprinkles in Springs here

Supplies: tulle or sheer fabric, fabric scissors, ribbon, black fabric paint, saran wrap, tape and the template. Most of which can be found in the house or from your local craft store! 










Start by laying the template on a flat surface and tape a piece of plastic wrap over it. Cut out your tulle to at least 10″x5″ and tape on top of plastic wrap. Make sure everything is taped down securely and start tracing the black part of the template with fabric paint. Let it dry overnight.  Gently peel tulle away from saran wrap. Cut out around the mask, including eye-holes. Cut two pieces of ribbon 20″ each. Spread a little fabric glue on the tips and attach them to the mask. Let dry 1-2 hours. (You can trim the strands shorter if you like; just make sure it will tie around your head before cutting!)

Voila! Thank you Sprinkles in Spring! We love it!

We paired this look with this A Wear Lace Pleat Dress ($103.50,

Gorgeous Cinderella’s! 




We day dream about donning these adorable fox masks! Inspired by Lucille Michieli , why not wear this adorable fox mask? We adore this DIY from Tremendously Interested!

Supplies: 2 sheets of felt in contrasting colors, 1 sheet of card-stock, fabric glue, Pink embroidery thread, 1 piece of fuzzy wool yarn and 2 pieces of black ribbon. Find these at your local craft store

Start by printing out the images of Michieli’s masks as a template, adjusting it to fit your face. Cut out the mask template from cardstock and use that as a template to cut out the face, ears, and cheeks from the felt colors of your choice Next, cut out 8 spots to use as freckles, use fabric glue to attach these(try Aleene's tacky glue.) Glue the ears onto the front of the face. Use the pink thread to add some color on the ears. Long stitches look really cute and are so simple! Sew the two pieces of ribbon to either side of the back of the front face piece. Make sure they are long enough to tie the mask around your face with plenty of room for a bow. Finally, glue the back piece of the face to the front piece. For added stability, you can cut your cardstock template down by 1/2 inch and insert it between the two felt pieces before gluing together.

We paired this with this Three Floor Back To Black Dress ($372.62,



The EASIEST DIY comes from Multiply Delicious.

Supplies: Black mask (you can find these at Michael’s), Butterflies (found in the floral section at Michael’s and they come in different colors and sizes!) Feathers, Stick-on Rhinestones, Glue Gun, Black Duck Tape (or any color you have) and Scissors

 Begin  with the black mask and arrange the butterflies, using small pieces of the duct tape to apply and stick them down to the back of the mask.  The butterflies purchased were on long wires - cut those down with scissors to different lengths to make them work for the mask. Once the butterflies are arranged, take the feathers and arrange to one side around the eye and glue down using the hot glue gun.  Let dry. Take the rhinestones and position around the eyes. 

We recommend this sweet and sexy ASOS Lace Low Back Skater Dress ($56.46,


If you aren't a huge fan of a mask but you feel like you could wear some amazing eye-makeup, then here is a killer look for you. 

This look is simple and easy!

Start by applying your foundation as a base. Achieve the gilded gold look by applying a metallic cream eye shadow, such as Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye shadow in Bold Gold - apply generously in a mask formation. Line the top of your eyelid with black eyeliner and line your waterline. Apply the glitter to the eyebrows with Liquid Crystal Liner by Nyx in Crystal Gold.

Buy stars from a local craft store. Apply the stars with eyelash glue. Try Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive - the thin tip makes it easy to apply the smaller stars. 

Apply your false lashes. We are obsessed with ILLAMSQUA Grandeur eyelashes from Sephora ($15, here)

Finish the look with some gold lip-gloss. Try a gold gloss from Yves Saint Laurent!




We finished this look off with this Glamorous Sequin Peplum Dress. ($79.04,

You were made to shine, don't shy away!
















Looking fun, flirty, and feminine in this mask is a must!

With a few supplies from the craft store, Molly Ringwald will be jealous of this outfit by far!

Supplies: Mask template (download here) Scissors, pink feathers, pearl trim, string and tacky glue










Print the mask template, or purchase an uncrafted mask from your craft store. Next take your feathers (we recommend using a boa instead of loose feathers - a lot less messy) and glue them until they cover the whole mask. Take your pearls - we also advise the trim which is on a string instead of loose pearls for efficiency - and glue them around the eyes. Then just tie your string to the mask and go! Use pink ribbon instead of string too! 

We suggest this ASOS Cupped Structured Dress In Lace for a perfect pink look! ($338.74,





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