DIY: The 10 Minute 'Gem' Manicure for $10
Friday, April 27, 2012 at 01:24 PM | Desiree
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So many of us are pressed for time these days. Between work, school, relationships, socializing, and hopefully working out, we barely have time to brush our teeth. So what do you do when Friday rolls around or you have a big event to attend and your digits look like a hot mess? Taking 40 minutes at the salon is out of the question, and busting out the nail polish remover and going 'bare' always leaves that dry, after-polish stain. So what now? Well, ladies, the fix is just a few minutes (and dollars) away. We all know 'gem' glitter tones are huge this season, and we're pretty excited about that because getting the look at home could not be easier. The reason this is so incredibly fast and easy is that glitter polish does not show flaws and by sticking to neutral tones, you can literally do it in under 10 minutes. The key is ditching dark tones, by implementing neutrals and light pinks this mani is fool-proof. Again, no dark tones for this method! If you really want those blood red nails, you'll have to save it for another time because attempting to apply dark polish in a hurry is asking for a disaster!


Step 1: Regardless of if you're wearing nail polish or not, clean all your nails with nail polish remover to remove oils. You want a clean slate with as little residue as possible so that the polish sticks.


Step 2: Skip the typical clear basecoat and apply a neutral skintone polish for your base. We love Sinful Colors in 'Flirting Nails.' It's a gorgeous shimmery nude color and for just $2 at many drugstores, it's a steal. It also dries really fast, which is a major bonus. One coat should do the trick. We don't recommend applying more than one coat as it takes longer to dry and we're using this color to neutralize the nail base and prep it for the 'gem' overlay anyway. Allow to dry for a minute or two.

Step 3: Apply a 'gem' glitter coat with gold or pink tones. We recommend Sally Hansen's Gem Crush polish in 'Big Money.' It's gold glitter with some larger pink sparkles that really make it reflective and luxurious looking. This polish runs about $7 at most drugstores. Be sure to shake the bottle frequently throughout application to keep the glitter mixed. This polish spreads pretty evenly so one thorough coat should do the trick. Allow to dry for 2 minutes.



Step 4: Apply a clear top coat. Again, one coat will do. I used a basic clear top coat and my nails were dry within minutes. The best part is that this look doesn't show smudges. Because the glitter is already textured, flaws are diminished. All in, you should be clocking in at under 10 minutes and $10. This mani is so fool-proof you could probably do it sitting at your desk. Not bad!

Step 5: Enjoy your gorgeous sparkling nails!




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