Deck Your Halls with Spring & Summer
Friday, April 13, 2012 at 11:58 AM | Leigh Loosbrock
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Aside from staying sartorially on trend for spring and summer, it’s also crucial to keep your home  up-to-date as well. We have some fantastic ideas to keep your home fashionable and refreshing for the impending warm weather. Pick your faves and brighten up a room instantly to create that wonderful cheery feeling we love so much about these warm seasons!

Large floral patterns are a huge home trend for spring and summer. We love them mixed with light summery colors like yellow, teal, violet or pink. This Whorled Trapunto Rug from Anthropologie is one of our faves. It has brilliantly combined a big, busy floral pattern with white and pastel yellow to keep the piece from becoming overbearing.






Similar to the color trend we have been seeing in clothing, bold tangerine and citrus colors are  great for your home too. Go for a funky piece of furniture or simply incorporate this cheerful, fun color quickly and easily with  bold pillows, lamps, candles or coasters. The addition of tangerine will brighten up any room in a snap!















It wouldn’t feel like spring without the smell of flowers and plants, would it? For those of you living the city life, you will probably agree that it becomes almost impossible to make extra time to rent an allotted spot in a public garden to get your green thumb gix. And finding extra room in our little apartments for large plant pots is often not an option. This is where wall planters save the day! They're space efficient and allow you to add plantlife to your place. We love these Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planters because they are simple and white, creating a great base to add colorful plants to.

Another easy spring/summer trend to bring into your home is tribal prints and patterns. Again, no need to go crazy on this trend; instead, bring in a bold accent piece. From chairs, to throws, to lampshades, and even dishes or wall décor, these are great pieces to add a little extra character and color.  

The lampshade, foldable chair, or candle holder are all versatile tribal home accessories that you can implement into your room and take out just as easily once you're ready for a change!


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