Deck Your Your Nails Our 4th of July Style!
Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 07:01 PM | Mahogany Bullock-Clayton
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For the indecisive fashionista who can’t decide how to appropriately pay homage to our great nation on its day of independence, we have found a subtle tribute to grand U. S. of A.  At MARS the Salon, located in West Hollywood, Hiroko Fujikawa has provided us all with step-by-step guides to create unique nail art that are suitable for any Fourth of July activity. Whether your catching the fireworks, hitting the pool or partying the night away, these nails will be a definite hit at any celebration.

"I Love The USA"

1. Apply a base coat.

2. Apply a white nail polish on the thumb, index, middle and pinky finger.

3. Paint an American flag with dark blue and red glitter nail polish

4. Attach silver star holograms with glue on the  dark blue part of the flag.

5. Paint a zigzag balloon with silver glitter nail polish and outline the edge of zigzag balloon with blue glitter nail polish.

6. Paint "July 4th" with neon pink nail polish on the ring finger inside of the zigzag balloon.

7. Paint a heart shape with a white nail polish

8. Using a thin paint brush, paint red glitter stripes and a small blue patch

9. Using a white nail polish and needle, paint tiny stars on the blue part of the flag

10. Using a purple nail polish, paint  " I USA" on top and below the heart shaped flag on the thumb finger.

11. Apply a top coat.


"Born In The USA"

1.       Prep your nails by filing them to your desired shape and apply a base coat.

2.       Apply two coats of red polish to your thumb.

3.       Apply two coats of blue polish to your index and pinky fingers. For added sparkle, use a polish with glitter.

4.       Apply two coats of white polish to your middle finger.

5.       Using nail glue, carefully apply silver rhinestones to ring finger. You can also try a silver glitter.


6.       To create the American flag on your middle finger, use a precision art brush to draw a small box at the lower right corner of the nail. Fill in with blue polish. Next, clean the brush with remover and dip it into silver polish to draw on small stars. Clean the brush again and then dip into red polish to create small horizontal stripes.

7.       Apply a top coat to all your nails to seal and add shine.


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