Designer Spotlight: House of Frog
Monday, February 6, 2012 at 10:50 AM | Ahlam Hassan
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Frog Greishaw is a soulful, imaginative, and most important, uninhibited designer that does not play by anybody’s rule nor cares to be defined by anybody but herself.  As an award winning designer, her creative collections and individual items have put her on various watch lists. Entering Frog’s atelier, one cannot help but notice the artistic transformation of a former butcher shop. 

She is a custom made designer that has been an influential figure in the art and fashion community for more than a decade. Frog trained with Susan Igou, the first female President of the World Tailor's Association for 3 years. 

In the past Frog participated in shows such as Art on Track, the world largest mobile art gallery. Repurposing CTA’s train cars to showcase an elevated theatrical fashion production allowed Chicagoans to interact with the designer. Frog certainly knows how to keep things fresh, she is planning to collaborate with several Chicago sculptors. Her upcoming shows will be in March and April.

“The April show is in tandem with a chef to create a menu inspired by my work. I will also be creating a cocktail to go with that show.” It will be an exciting mix of fashion, cuisine, and art which will be a thrilling show for foodies and fashion lovers.  “Most of my shows have a theatrical presentation to display the wear-ability of my clothing.”

As a nonconformist custom made designer, Frog is able to provide a wide range of services to her clients. “I work with my clients and their budgets, but if it isn't something I can facilitate, I can usually find someone who can.”  Her badass attitude, love for motorcycles and vintage flair provides a platform of great inspirational influences. Well designed clothes, fantastic accessories to witty bathing suits; the underlying theme always constitutes imagination and elegance that highlight a woman’s dualities.

House of Frog can be contacted at

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