Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Rinat Brodach
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 11:20 AM | Sirena He
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Lucky for us, Rinat Brodach has partnered with the Colin T. McDonald Agency and arrived in New York City to launch her first collection under her namesake label. Rinat Brodach is an Israeli-American who studied in San Francisco and Paris, working with highly regarded fashion houses and high profile designers. Now she has collected enough pieces of her own story to weave into luxurious fabric to show to the world. With her first collection, “How to Expose the Heart,” she tells a story of the dilemma of protecting and revealing one’s vulnerability, and it’s no easy task, but her pieces make it look effortless. The feminine draping and the soft lavish material give off an aura of confidence and power that will make the wearer in turn feel the strength in revealing their heart. With curiosity abound, Glam-Damn-It just had to ask Rinat Brodach for more details about her new collection.

You were born in Israel, studied in Paris, why did you decide to start your own label in New York City?

Yes I was born in Israel, I studied in San Francisco and in Paris. I decided to start my own label in NYC because this is the ideal place for making your dreams happen.  NYC is the place where the new and the next are welcomed. This city has the energy that no other place has it in the world, the energy of the hustle, creation and making your dreams happen ! the American dream ! 

How does your multi-cultural upbringing influence your designs?

Coming from 2 different backgrounds, traveling and living around the world has lead me to me meeting  amazing people in my life. All these multi culture experiences have taught me to look at the good and the bad, to take what  I want from it and make it my own.  I express who I am and how I feel through my clothes. We are all individuals and I tell my personal story in each garment, which makes it unique from anything else. I use draping to tell a story.

Why is your first collection under the Rinat Brodach label focused on matters of the heart? What else inspired you while creating this collection?

My first collection “How to expose the Heart” is some what of a personal journey.  A journey to exploring the feelings of the heart. The dilemma of exposing and protecting the heart. In today's world it seems like every one just passes by you minding there own business. No one seems to have emotion. I think everyone is closed off to opening up and showing there true colors.  This is the dilemma.   Some times art doesn’t make sense, cause it comes from the heart. 

How did you approach the designs for this collection to simultaneously portray the vulnerability of the heart and the protection of it?

Well as I started to design this collection I always started designing/draping by the heart area. I used boning to enhance the heart areas for protecting as a metaphor for the rib cage that creates a natural shield for the heart, as also opening the heart “The Dilemma”.  The draping around the areas of the heart come to show us different situations and feelings after exposing the heart or protecting the heart. 

Although the collection is named "How to Expose the Heart" many of the pieces feel protective and wrapped up, was it your intention to bring emphasis to this comforting protective aspect of clothing? 

As I said this is a personal journey. To open up your heart is a process. For each one of us its a different process. And it is not an easy process. The process happens in stages, at first a human is protective, closed and then starts to expose.  With this collection my intention was to give a sense of protection, so my woman could go face the world with power and confidence.  This collection is a preview collection to what I will be releasing for SS/15.

Why did you make the specific fabric choices like jersey or cotton silk for this collection?

I like working with these fabrics. As I drape, I think these fabrics give me the best results as, drama, volume and sexiness.  These fabrics feel great against the body and I want my customer to feel great wearing my garments not just from the design aspect but from the fabric part too !

Although the ideas are layered and complex, the collection itself is wearable and approachable, how did you find that compromise?

I want to make cloths that people can wear! What is the point of making cloths that people can not wear.?!  I think it just looks complex from the outside viewer, but to me it looks very simple.  Simple is more that is my compromise.  

In your previous work, there were designs that dabbled in androgyny. However in "How to Expose the Heart," many pieces have distinctly feminine shapes. Was there a certain gendered feminine aspect to the concept of exposing the heart? 

In “How to Expose the Heart” it was a journey of finding the feminine side of the heart as well. I think when dealing with matters of the heart it is always a more delicate situation.  I wanted to show a softer side of me and my work but still with a touch of edginess.  All this raw emotion  of the heart lead me to designs that are more feminine, more dealing with the raw emotions of women being sensitive and how to protect a sensitive Heart.  

How do you want your customers to feel when they are wearing your designs?

My garments are constructed to allow women to access their true power, to inspire them to lead from the heart, and to bring out the inner sensuality, with the  feeling of confidence, security.

Is there a dream celebrity you would like to see wearing your clothes?

Yes I have a group of women I would love to dress : Madonna, Beyonce, PJ Harvey, Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, to name a few. What unifies this group of ladies is that they are all strong women. Women supporting other women is such a rare, but beautiful thing. If we could all support each other a little more, we would all come out on top.

Where do you hope to see the line be in 10 years?

In 5 to 10 years I would love to be showing in Paris fashion week among all the great designers that I adore. Paris would be the greatest achievement as a designer in my book! I feel like if you show in Paris fashion week, you’ve made it.


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