Nicholas D' Aurizio and his Nicolena Roots
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 05:08 PM | Naika Cadet
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After graduating from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC with an architecture degree, Nicholas D’Aurizio realized that his ambition and love of fashion ‘was not a phase’ and headed to New York to fulfill his dream.

In the move from accessories to clothing designer, Nicolena was born. The line comes from a fusion of past times, having been captivated by his grandfather Nicol, who was the head sampler maker for Calvin Klein and Yeohlee and Livia (whom everyone called Lena) his grandmother who was a seamstress. D’Aurizio has always kept with him a mental image as a child growing up around sewing and the creative mind of his paternal Italian grandparents. D’Aurizio is currently working out of his Upper East Side apartment, using his living room as an active work space.

Inspired by the vintage and classical looks of the late 1800 and early 1900’s, D’Aurizio’s first collection features long and short capes, with a special grand cape that has been past down to him from his grandfather. Throughout the collection, he makes use of dark and mysterious colors such as blacks and purples to emphasize his romantically themed “Interview With the Vampire” show. D’Aurizio’s core idea behind his clothing is making a woman ‘feel beautiful when she slips into one of my garments. My way of thinking is quite unique- where my clothes really meld the idea of Architecture and Fashion into one.’

Nightlife and entertainment company Joonbug Productions will be covering Nicholas D’Aurizio's first Nicolena fashion show from 6pm-11pm on Saturday, May 30th at the infamous Webster Hall in their Studio space.

Webster Hall The Studio
125 E 11th Street (near 4th Avenue)
New York, NY‎

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