Nolcha Fashion Week : Round Four
Friday, February 14, 2014 at 09:59 AM | Adrienne Bess
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Nolcha held its very own award-winning Fashion Week event at Chelsea Piers over the week. The event featured some talented, independent fashion designers in front of a global audience of press, retailers, stylists, and industry influencers. In their closing event, the purpose of Nolcha Fashion Week was made important for for designers Nina Athanasiou, Dany Tabet, Jungwon, and Gabrielle Arruda. Our first glimpse of these budding artists came when the lights went down and the spotlight flashed on.

The first to appear was men's and women's rain coat designer, Jungwon. Jungwon envisioned a clothing line that could stand weather and the test of time. Her fabrics are made with AQUAMAX: a 3 layer fiber that makes her clothing waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable. The models looked comfortable in Jungwon’s wear, yet still conservatively sheek in light palettes of pink, grey, cream, and black. Although the material looked prone to wrinkling, it seemed to float on top of the model’s bodies like puffy clouds.

Gabrielle Arruda came next with USA-made clothing fit to empower strong, independent women in business. She worked in tandem with strength and delicateness to create garments that exuded bustling energy and simplicity. Our fave looks were clear hoodies atop black mesh tops and black leather skinnies, frilly lace, and the use of high, splits in long skirts. Gabrielle Arruda was the first modern take on wearable clothing for the workplace.

Nina Athanasiou began her show with a sultry, period-piece commercial which perfectly set the stage for a clothing line that blends old school and science fiction aesthetics. The Germany-based designer is “NOT JUST A LABEL” and she reflects that sentiment by creating a scene, an attitude, and a idea to go along with the garments. Her cutting-edge sense of style shined through with decorative patterns of leather and silk. Blazers, buttons, beards, and big hair made for a show full of avante garde personality and strong silhouettes.

The Dany Tabet show began rather unconventionally when the designer came out to make a speech on the importance of ending war and promoting peace and unity in the middle east and beyond. After his speech, the audience gasped as his “crystal -warriors”  descended down the runway in beautiful, haute couture gowns. The gowns were all bejeweled with shiny crystals of all shapes and sizes -on top of various deep hues- some with trains and some with high splits in  the front. Mesh mazes wrapped some of the gowns exposing skin and leaving just enough to the imagination. Dany Tabet's dreams of peace and unity were evident as they spoke volumes through gowns that oozed elegance and dripped with luxuriously, detailed design.

Nolcha successfully placed independent designers on a platform from which they could display their talents. The show was a notable reminder of what else is out in the fashion world- here in NYC and internationally.

View more from the Nolcha Fashion Week showcase below.

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