Oscar de la Renta Launches 2010 Resort Wear on Park Avenue
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 03:36 PM | Josie Moise
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It’s the summer time and vacation is on everyone’s mind. Oscar de la Renta shows consumers how to vacation in style in his 2010 resort wear line, launched on Monday in New York City. After viewing this collection, you can understand (just a little) why de la Renta was a bit bitter about Michelle Obama not donning one of his garments to meet the Queen; his collection is impeccable.

The first few looks are admittedly rigid for resort wear, yet they provide an air of sophistication, aided by the contrasting materials of tweed and satin. The color palette is predominately red, white, and blue with splashes of a few playful colors like turquoise and fuchsia. The progression of the colors and the materials correlate with one another, as the lighter colors present a silhouette that is loose and that flows, as opposed to the angular and linear silhouettes of the darker colors.

The beauty of this collection is its versatility, giving women more freedom in their choices of what to wear on their posh resort vacations. Obviously, the collection is marketed towards affluent members of society and I’m sure the pieces will be sold out amongst Hollywood starlets. However, if you are the average consumer, you can find Oscar de la Renta pieces at more affordable prices within his O by Oscar de la Renta line. Or, you can take the same approach as the first lady and stick to J. Crew.


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