Sneaker Trends: Bold and Bright Neons to Amp Up Your Workouts
Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 12:00 AM | Cara Kovacs
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Athletic wear has to be comfortable and functional, but in the past few years we have seen the rise of fashionable active wear. Funky workout tops and running shoes are all the rage, and they make your workout a lot more fun! Plus, if you have to run errands pre or post gym, you can still look stylish. Ryka: A Women Only Sport Company, has amazingly fun, yet functional gym wear for all your workout needs. The products are made to move; they are reasonably priced, supportive, comfortable, and high-quality, all  while still being chic and never clunky like gym shoes can sometimes be. From running shoes, to specialized training shoes and gym clothes, Ryka has everything you need to look trendy on and off the treadmill.

Ryka has an amazing selection of athletic shoes in bright neon colors. With the recent popularity of electric music inspired workouts, neon accessories, and festival wear, Ryka is right on trend. Bright shades of citrus, blues, and greens accent the breathable and lightweight sneakers making them a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Neon is a great way to fight the dreary grey days that can sometimes come with fall, and with your Ryka footwear you can be sure to get through whatever weather comes your way.

Furthermore, we’ve seen Mud Runs and Color Runs, but now there is the 5k Glow Run! These cardio parties are nighttime races with black-lights, helping your workout gear to glow at full potential. Ryka shoes and tops would be perfect at the awesome fitness events. Click here to sign up for one coming to a city near you! And be sure to check out Ryka and work out in style!

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