The Yumi Kim Press Preview: So Much Silk, So Little Time
Monday, October 14, 2013 at 03:39 PM | Cara Kovacs
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Last week Yumi Kim held their press preview for the upcoming year’s collections. So much silken swag will be coming out in the next few months, and we can’t wait to share it with you! The Yumi Kim preview was by far the most adorable preview Joonbug has ever attended. Colorful candies, bubbling champagne, fruit kabobs, cupcakes, and the brand’s signature yorkie Yumi gave the space an atmosphere of girlish wonder. Fashion bloggers and press alike “oohed” and “ahed” the gorgeous pieces. Kim Phan, half of the line’s name-sake and the designer, was the most gracious and down-to-earth host. Wardrobe racks dripping in vibrant silks lined the walls. Each rack showcased a different month’s collection. Now is the time to check out the Yumi Kim website, as they just released a ton of stunning fall looks!

All Yumi Kim pieces are made from 100% silk in a variety of amazing patterns. Fall florals in reds, oranges and yellows stand out against a black background for an earthy but still girly aesthetic. Deep cobalt blue-- a huge trend this season--is accented with subtle black patterns on jaw-dropping maxi dresses, rompers and tops. The silky solids are perfect for looking elegant at work and hot at happy hour. The Yumi Kim look exemplifies fun and flirtation, while still being chic, pulled-together, and timelessly classy.

Joonbug will be letting you know when all the Yumi Kim collections are released in the future, so you know you are gonna want to check back and see. We always like to give you the exclusive details! Here’s a little sneak-peak: amazing hand-beaded and sequin looks will be coming out for the holidays. Sequins are always in that time of year, but these have a little something special you will have to wait to see. Another exclusive tidbit that we can’t wait to share is the spring brights and resort-inspired prints coming out just in time for spring break next year!

Yumi Kim is truly a fabulous line. The press preview really showed how friendly and wonderful the people behind the fabric are, while still creating a fantastical atmosphere that highlighted the beautiful clothes. Stick with us, and we will always have you up-to-date on the exclusive details of this awesome brand.

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