Trend Alert: Sir Mix-a-Print
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 03:00 PM | Stefanie Kolupa
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A long considered fashion faux pas, mixing prints and patterns is no longer something to cringe over.

Mismatched prints were huge on the Fall 2010 runways, and can already be seen in designer collections for Spring 2011. Incorporating them into your wardrobe is actually fairly simple, and the result can be unique and fashion forward. There are a few easy guidelines that will help you in creating a look all your own.

To start, pair together prints that feature complementary colors or colors from the same tonal family. Pairing prints that feature the same color or a similar color scheme will tie the patterns together creating a complete and balanced look.

To create an edgier look, pair a feminine print with a more masculine pattern. Mixing a thick stripe with a soft floral, as seen in the picture above, is an interesting way to create contrast and texture in your wardrobe. Don't pair together two prints that are brightly colored and over the top. When working with a print that is on the bolder side, you want to pair it with a softer, less competitive pattern.

Remember these guidelines when you try your hand at mixing prints. Start experimenting this fall, and your mixing skills can be runway-worthy by this spring.

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