Film Rage: 5 Movies to Get You Pumped to Party
Friday, April 13, 2012 at 06:02 PM | Nicholas Matthews
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Whether it’s to wile away the minutes during a particularly robust pre-game sesh, or in an attempt to osmotically induce the bacchanal-spirit during a party-lull; cinema is a natural catalyst for inciting debaucherous impulses. Hollywood is rife with films detailing, exploring, and championing decadence in all forms, yet the true gems are defined by their capacity to amplify one’s own nocturnal ambitions. By elevating one’s own desire to rage, a true masterpiece of party cinema can synergistically coax further mayhem from the embers of an otherwise nondescript evening.

Melding humor, ingenuity, hyperbole, and crassness, these flicks transcend the boundaries of mere “comedy fodder” to achieve a result of legendary proportions. So grab the goods, your token can of brew, and prepare to commence this cinematic adventure—shotgun style!


Project X

A new kid on the party block, but a guaranteed crowd-pleaser none the less. This “game changing” bombast celebrates the long-standing comedic tropes of underage drinking, epic ragers, and de-virgination  via the “found footage” subgenre. Couple this with a righteous soundtrack, untold shenanigans, and rampant pyrotechnics, and you have a recipe for copious laughs. If anything, let the nostalgia induce a commemoration to times past!





The maniacs over at Broken Lizard have a knack for producing sure-fire hilarity and madness. While Super Troopers is a bona-fide cult classic, it fails to compare to the sheer booze-a-poolza that is Beerfest. Infamous for championing the joys of “das boot," a medley of drinking games, and an overall butchering of German accents, Beerfest is the perfect flick to sway the masses towards some communal binge drinking. Perhaps you get inspired and orchestrate your own “Beer Olympics" or institute a year-long “drinking regiment”—whatever the case, Beerfest is booze-appreciation at its finest!


Old School

Attempting to recapture the glory days of adolescence is something of an ongoing pursuit as we hurtle towards middle age. In the case of Will Ferrell & CO, that dream became a reality, and thus, “Frank the Tank” was (re)born. Watching man-children relive their “frat dreams” is both hilarious and awe-inspiring—both for its indecency, and its ingenuity. Endlessly quotable and infinitely watchable, Old School endures as one of the premiere party flicks of the last twenty years!


The Hangover

The poster-boy for awesome party films in recent years, The Hangover goes beyond the simple crassness of debauchery, and encourages one to creatively engage in some good old fashioned “drunken re-creation”. While superficially a cautionary tale for the voracious capacity of Vegas, The Hangover plays upon the fantasy of future groomsmen everywhere—fraternity forged in the face of pure, unadulterated obscenity! Having spawned numerous sequels, and already a mainstay in the “Party Cinema Hall of Fame”, The Hangover is the quintessential film to get the fiesta rollicking!


Animal House

Quite simply: the grand-daddy of party cinema! Enduring, iconic, vintage, and legendary in terms of execution—Animal House is the undisputed king of all party fare. Having created the tropes and formulas of party cinema, Animal House remains the purest manifestation of “frat house lore” currently in existence. Bust out the VHS, and take a gander at debauchery—circa 1978! 

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