Mansion Gets A Multi-Million Dollar Makeover
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 01:45 PM | Miranda Peterson
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It's the ultimate house party and it's our pleasure to introduce you to the new Mansion 360. The 40,000 square foot Miami mega-club was recently redesigned from floor to ceiling with unprecedented lighting and sound systems and an edgy new façade. The city of Miami Beach even declared Saturday, January 21st "Mansion Day" as the club reopened its doors to kick off a two day electro-fest deemed "Deadmau5 unhooked." 

True to the new 360 concept, the DJ booth has been relocated to the center, promising guests a great performance no matter where they are on the dancefloor. Mansion goes beyond simple bottle service with the new VIP scene, complete with a full private bar with ample tables and seating, all in the shadow of world-renown DJs. 

Iconic fashion pieces were combined to create a sexy new interior. Lounge on black leather and animal print sofas surrounded by white silk tufted walls, shiny, lacquered woodwork and fancy fuschia-shaded chandeliers. It's almost as beautiful as its rich & famous clientele.

Mansion is now the first club in the country to with the ability to do three dimensional effect lighting and create 360 degrees of multi-dimensional imagery. Every square inch of Mansion’s surfaces can be custom lit and controlled to enhance any and every show. And celeb-spotting is easier than ever with a skycam that can capture them partying inside the club and project it onto any screen in the venue. 

If you're into sound specs, get ready to have a tech-gasm. The club now features a premiere Funktion One sound system with new F221 dual 21” subwoofers under the stage in addition to F218 dual 18” subwoofers and F1 Res4 mid/high speakers. Powersoft amps have also been added to bring the system well over 100,000 Watts. Funktion One/Sound Investment's Todd Konecny states, "Mansion's newly configured sound system is an ideal balance between accuracy in reproduction and high energy output. Flying the bass speakers makes the system full range in the air while the subwoofers beneath the stage are in close proximity to the money seats and main dance floor provide the best sound in the world."

No excuse is good enough to miss partying at the new Mansion 360. Get there early to make sure you get in or email for table reservations. 

Check out pics below of the opening weekend, from world redeye 

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