No Admittance: 5 Tips to Getting Past the Velvet Rope
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 11:22 AM | Nicholas Matthews
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Exclusivity is part of life. One need only harken back to the clique-ish social webs of their youth to recall the fickle nature of social interaction. Gaining admittance is a rite of passage of sorts—a bildungsroman of the social strata—that requires one to leave their humble beginnings in hopes of grander pastures.

Cracking into the mercurial night scene is no different. As is the wont of life, the most enticing offers always lie behind gilded, heavily muscled doors. The velvet rope acts as a line demarcating the fashionable from the socially inept—the “in crowd” from the spectators. Are we all doomed to repeat the tortures of adolescence, like some cosmic form of social purgatory? The answer is “No”—there is hope!

Here are 5 tips to upping your swag and ensuring your glimpse of the proverbial “Shangri-La” behind the velvet rope.


5) Mirror Test

Materialism is a rampant beast, one that society promulgates, promotes, and fully thrives on. Regardless of your stance, the truth rests upon the façade you present during your “entrance exam." A litmus test of sorts, “looking the part” factors heavily into gaining admittance to many exclusive venues. Therefore, do some recon, familiarize yourself with the dress code, and dress to impress—the odds are exponentially higher if you do!


4) Cash Flow

It should come as no surprise that carrying a few stacks of greenery can go a long way to ensuring a memorable night. Venues flouting the title “VIP” come with an unspoken disclaimer that typically reads: This establishment is not responsible for the alarming rate at which funds deplete, sanity blurs, and pretentiousness abounds. Come liberally equipped, because that outrageously priced “bottle service” may be your sole ticket in.


3) The List

Like “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” or some convoluted game of “Telephone”—there are always mentions of being on somebody’s “Guest List." Perhaps the biggest misstep of any attempt to successfully break into the VIP is not fact-checking the source of your meal ticket. In reality, legitimate guest-lists are far and few to come by, and typically require serious networking. Bottom line: know if you’re on it or not, this is not the time to “fake it till you make it."


2) Connect

Coinciding with the previously mentioned issue of "Guest-Lists," the surest way of punching your ticket to PartyTown is to make connections. Put yourself out there, be proactive; the ravenous media machine is ripe with opportunity, and rewards those not content with simply waiting on line for admission. Whether it’s via a media pass through some zippy online zine, enlisting as a promoter, or being chum pals with the DJ—it doesn’t matter how you get in, so long as you do.


1) Confidence

Bouncers, and their ilk, have a sixth sense for sniffing out self-consciousness. The key to truly gaining entry to the party of your choice is not succumbing to the heightened, highly fabricated sense of reality associated with the meme of “VIP."  As the judicators of revelry, bouncers lack objectivity—typically functioning under a subjectivity loosely adhering to the venue’s “Outlines for Admittance." Be yourself, more importantly, be confident in yourself—because at night’s end, that is all that truly matters.


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