Tom Colicchio Plays Guitar After The Simpsons
Monday, September 26, 2011 at 03:31 PM | Mallory Stuchin
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He may be the one casting judgement on Top Chef, but Tom Colicchio is about to let the spotlight fall on his own performance.

Chef Tom will perform at Hill Country tonight in honor of Restaurant Industry Night. The event will donate 20 percent of all food and beverage profits to C-Cap, an organization that helps underprivileged youths begin careers in the food industry. The evening will also feature of the musical stylings of the equally smooth-scalped restaurateur, Joe Bastianich. Doors will open at 7pm and more information is available here.

In case one serving of Colicchio is not enough for you this Monday, take a look at Tom's animated appearance last night on the season premier of The Simpsons. Spoiler Alert: the chef enters the episode as a vision in Marge's dream. The original blue-haired lady becomes a participant on Master Chef: Extreme Snack Edition and charms away Colicchio's wrath with her peanut butter crackers. Thanks to for reminding us that Master Chef was momma Marge's "third favorite reality cooking show."

While we've already seen Anthony Bourdain appear on the show in seasons past, we've heard that the No Reservations star will return this year along with Mario Batali.

If it seems like things just can't get any better for Colicchio this morning, let's not forget that his 10-year-old restaurant, Craft, was re-reviewed earlier this month and awarded a whopping three stars. The New York Times notes that "[Colicchio's] flagship restaurant is as magical and delicious as it was when it opened, and it is all the more exciting for that. Craft at 10 is a restaurant in full." Huzzah! Way to go TC! And look, his initials are conveniently the same as those of the show he hosts. This man is an ace all around.

For a lunch and budget-friendly taste of Tom, visit one of the many 'wichcraft locations located throughout the city.

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