This Lower East Sider isn’t your average slice-and-go. Pala is a journey that will enlighten you and your appetite. From the moment you walk in up to the lingering satisfaction it will leave you with after your meal, this pizzeria will alleviate your carbs-craving while you actually munch on vegan toppings and gluten free dough. Gluten free, organic, vegan pizza?? I know, it sounds like eating sugar-free sugar…but don’t doubt the food, we promise that the Pala Journey will leave you wanting more. Plus, their authentic wine, beer and full bar top off the experience at Pala.

Though not particularly fancy, Pala achieves a homey chic atmosphere with the help of broad wooden tables and a display wall of wine. It’s romantic, classy and very Italian. It’s the perfect date night with your friends and/or partner. Still skeptical of trying pizza that might actually be healthier than the corner $1 slice? Trust us, the gluten free pies and vegan toppings that are served taste better than they sound.

Food & Drink

Chef and owner Gigio Palazzo creates oblong shaped Roman pies made with your choice of either organic multigrain crust or gluten free crust. Both create the perfect combination of light & airy to crisp & thin. Pala is known for their fresh and innovative pies, so don’t be scared to try them! Here are some suggestions: The “Zucca” incorporates pumpkin puree, pancetta and smoked scamorza cheese where as the “Bufala Cruda” has oven-melted cherry tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and whole basil leaves. Go ahead, reward yourself with dessert for picking a healthy option for dinner.

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