Bounce Boat with Just Blaze, Minnesota, Buku, & Willy Joy, 7/11
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Daniel Bonilla
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This past Friday night proved to be one of the most beautiful of the summer. Not only was it a full moon, the weather was beyond perfect, and we got to set sail on the magnificent boat that is the Hornblower Infinity, as taken over by Bounce Boat. On this ride we were graced with the presence of Just Blaze and Willy Joy on the main stage, along with Minnesota and Buku on the sky deck stage. We had options to say the least and we also had the beautiful New York skyline behind it all just to make it all the much better.

When arriving on to Pier 40 we approached an amazing good looking crowd of people dressed in all fashions waiting to board the huge Bounce Boat. Everyone was ready to go on the boat ride of their life as the sun started setting before setting sail.  With three floors of space, including multiple bars, three dance floors and an outside deck, there was plenty of room for the party goers to find their spot for the night or like we did - hit every single floor. We pretty much just followed the good vibes and ended up having the time of our life.

First we caught Buku on the sky deck stage threw down a hard hip-hop, electro and trap filled set. With all the newest tracks on rotation, Buku had everyone going wild with each drop and song transition. And since the sky deck is located on the top floor, it allowed ample opportunity to view the stunning skyline from both sides of the boat. The madness ensued as dance circles formed and everyone got down and mingled around.

Eventually we went down to catch the ending of Willy Joy's set which went really hard, and got the crowd from the top floor to hit the main stage area. Willy Joy through down an electro trap induced set that got the crowd crazy hyped for the headliner, Just Blaze. 

We then had to go back to check out Minnesota's set on the Sky deck, which was another great one. He threw down an ambient smooth trap set that went well with the vibes of the top floor. You really got to appreciate the sights around you while listening to a really well mixed tracks. We were upset that we had to choose between him and Just Blaze, as the two closers of the night, because we could have listened to Minessota all night. 

Legendary hip hop producer and DJ Just Blaze came on the main stage to shut out the night. Playing pretty much every track from his long discography, along with the hottest hip hop tracks of now and the early 2000's, there wasn't one person who didn't know what he was playing. It was literally jam after jam after jam, and there was no stopping him until the captain docked the boat. He had the crowd reciting word for word every classic hip hop track you can think of bringing many of us down memory lane. Great choice in headliner by the booking people for Bounce Boat.

All-in-all, this was an amazingly set up event, very little to no hiccups whatsoever. The night was perfect for a boat ride, and the music set list was solid. This was our second Bounce Boat of the summer but for sure won't be our last! The upcoming Bounce Boat lineups can be seen below.


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