SideBar is both a cozy lounge and sophisticated sports bar melded into one. This bar is unlike any other, in that its incredibly dynamic structure allows it to serve as a hip bar, dance floor, and private lounge all in one. Whether you’re looking for an upscale dinner, night of dancing, happy hour with co-workers, or a low-key get together, this is the ideal place for any occasion.

Candles, chandeliers, and HD flat screen TV’s make SideBar’s atmosphere unlike any other. The Front Bar is carved out of wood, decorated with bottles, and illuminated by bright colors. If you’re looking to dance, the Mezzanine provides not only a dance floor and DJ booth, but also a fabulous view of the rest of the bar. If low-key is what you’re after, the Lounge provides an intimate and very private setting including leather sofas and red velvet curtains.

Food & Drink

SideBar is open for both lunch and dinner, and has a menu that caters to any palate. They offer sophisticated American style cuisine, which is unlike your typical bar food. Be sure to try their gourmet twists on the usual mini burgers, like the goat cheese stuffed lamb burger with mint ketchup, or the smoked burger with guacamole and chipotle ketchup. Their chic version of macaroni and cheese is another must-have! The Mac Daddy & Cheese has seashell pasta with porcini mushrooms, and black diamond white cheddar truffle bread crumb gratinee. SideBar also offers a seasonal sangria and has a specialty drink menu with many enticing options to choose from.

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