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18 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10014-1202   
Located at 18 Ninth Avenue in New York City, Provocateur is a nightlife oasis offering an alluring and seductive ambiance specifically created to cater to a woman’s every desire. Designed by Lionel Ohayon (Koi, STK, Hyde, W Hotels), Provocateur is comprised of two district nightlife settings; Provocateur Café and Provocateur Nightclub. Both the Café and Nightclub embody the splendors of international nightlife by providing guests with impeccable hospitality in a fanciful atmosphere that exudes timeless luxury. Both the Café and Nightclub embody the splendors of international nightlife. It is rumored that entry will be like getting into Fort Knox.
Eats & Drinks
Provocateur has a delicious array of drinks; and the cocktails at this hotspot even have health benefits for the women out there looking out for themselves. Each drink contains vitamins, niacin, and other detoxifying ingredients so you can drink for your beauty. Be sure to try the delicious martinis that will keep your mouth watering.
Provocateur’s distinctive and glamorous décor is inspired by Madonna’s 1985 ‘Virgin Tour’ evoking a woman’s every sensual desire. The opulent design includes lavender staircases and walls adorned with intricate black lingerie lace details reminiscent of Madonna’s infamous ‘Material Girl’ performance. The most defining design feature is the set of mythical Egyptian Phoenix Wings, which span 20-feet wide and 8-feet tall an dare suspended 18 feet in the air above the bar, across from the decidedly modern DJ booth. Two lavish Royal BB black chandeliers designed by Edward Van Villiet and imported from the Netherlands hang from the club’s ceiling, enhancing the international ambiance. Provocateur Nightclub features 17 large table and over-sized banquettes equipped with built-in closets, seating for 10 to 20 people, and surrounding platforms dedicated to an evening of dancing. For those seeking seclusion, there is an 80-person private balcony skybox overlooking the entire venue.





Deadmau5 Almost Serves Up the Meatpacking District Well-done

The meatpacking district was almost served up well-done last Friday night when Deadmau5 lit up an air horn at club Provocateur during his new song "The Veldt," causing a flame that nearly lit himself and the crowd on fire. After the set, he tweeted, "Omg I actually lived through that . . . Nearly blew up myself and a Buncha people in the booth. Pyros a b*tch.”

The trendy Canadian DJ, born Joel Zimmerman, is known for his thumpy house music and wearing a gigantic mouse bobble-head often adorned with multi-colored lights. No word on if the bulbous head had anything to do with the incident. The crowd was said to consist of over 300 attendees including Hilary Rhoda, Ciara, and Yo Yo Ma.

Deadmau5 Hits NYC Tomorrow

Possibly the most iconic and recognizable producer of our time, deadmau5 has built a serious public persona. Fortunately, that's not all he has been cultivating as one of the premier house producers in the past decade. Working with some of the biggest names out there, deadmau5 has enjoyed a prolific and varied career at the forefront of EDM. There's not much more I can or should say about him. If you're into house or EDM in general, you already know and love the mau5. Here's a video of his live performance at Joonbug's New Year's Eve 2012 event. As you can see, this show is not so much optional as it is obligatory.

Lucky for us, deadmau5 is coming to NYC tomorrow, May 4th for a show at Provocateur over on Hudson Street. Go here for more details!

Parker Plays Hardball at Provocateur

People are talking about The Social Network. And, it seems to have made its mark at Provocateur. It was just another night when Sean Parker, past President of Facebook made his arrival at the super-strict downtown nightclub. Door goddess, Sheena Tesora, didn't want to let the girls he was with in. Why? Because they were too short. No one in the line was surprised. Provocateur is known for its ultra selective door and it's known around town that they do have a height requirement for the ladies. Parker, in a monotone rage, promised to erase Tesora from Facebook.