Greenhouse is an eco-chic oasis situated in West SoHo. This is the third in a nightclub series by John B., the mogul behind other NYC hot spots Home and Guesthouse. Entering Greenhouse is like walking into a garden on an alien planet. Lady Gaga meets Mother Nature at this luxe yet environmentally conscious club.

An uber green scene that is extremely popular with all kinds of club-goers. This 6,000 square foot, bi-level space is NYC’s first LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) nightclub. Every detail has been made as eco-efficient as possible from the LED lights that consume a fraction the energy of regular bulbs to sustainable bamboo walls draped in living greenery to wind-powered sound and water-efficient bathrooms. Leave the bell-bottoms and Birkenstocks at home, though. Here you’ll see only the trendiest tree-huggers.

Five thousand crystal lights dangling from above like delicate water droplets and rainbow colored flora from floor to ceiling will make you feel like you’re in the midst of an enchanting yet posh pixie hollow. Lounges made from recycled materials line the walls, allowing maximum dancing room in the middle. There are different DJ booths on each level, so you’ll have a couple choices when it comes to your tunes. The only space in the City that’s greener (but far less fun at night) is Central Park.

Food & Drink

Seven bars made of recycled glass are spread throughout this space and offer organic, eco-friendly 360 Vodka. Or, have the drinks come to you and order a bottle served with fresh fruit juices from the comfort of your black leather-clad couch in one of the VIP table areas.

Type of Place


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