Co-owner and musician Andrew W.K got it right and did it well when he opened Santos Party House in 2008. Andrew’s focus was only on one idea: for people of all dances to play in his party house. Open every night of the week, Santos will surely have you trekking back to that infamous corner at least once (or twice) a week. Hipsters, funkers, beat-rockers, suits, dresses, skinnies and mini’s—all are welcome. The crowd here is more interested on their dance moves than fighting for the bartenders attention to get a drink. Santos is like going on a blind date: You have an idea of what the place is like, the music that it spins, the personality it holds, and you’ll most definitely wake up the next morning filled with hilarious regrets and a pocket full of new moves.

Simply put: AmbiDance. Santos separates itself from the rest of the exclusive, uptight, and bottle-service clubs in New York City by not discriminating its patrons. Late night party shakers of all styles, ethnicity, status, occupation and intoxication levels line up and enter the bi-level 8,000 square foot ex- factory to enjoy a night of dancing and partying. Santos boasts one of the best sound systems with 16 towering speakers exploding 150,000 watts of beats into the music factory.

Food & Drink

Brooklyn’s own $6 Sixpoint microbrew as well as $8 well drinks.

Type of Place


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