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The Electric Room


355 W. 16th St.
New York, NY 10011   
Top 40 and Electronic
Nur Khan. Done deal. After associating the nightlife titan’s name with this lounge you know that this swanky new club will be dazzling, trendy and uber-exclusive. Who knew converting an electrical supply closet into a small living room with deco décor and a mini (but stocked & full) bar would be so enticing? Capacity is at 100. `Nough said.
A-list stars, paparazzi overload, celebrity mingling. This new space is alluring because of its distinguished guest list of celebrity names and almost impossible entrance in. Due to its super exclusive manner, Electric Room will sadly not be known to the average party hopper.
Even celebrities will have a hard time trying to get in this tight door. But Entourage star Adrien Grenier was spotted partying at the ONE Model Management’s after party during New York’s Fashion Week. It even attracted many of the A-list celebrities from the Strategic Tao Group including Amy Sacco. With Khan’s extensive party list, we can only wait and see who’ll end up feigning this hole in the wall beneath the Dream Downtown Hotel.





Electrifying Cocktails at Electric Room

The Electric Room at the Dream Downtown was a major hit during New York Fashion Week, with high class after parties for noted designers such as Prabal Gurung, Ally Hilfiger's NAHM, and Time Weiland. Nur Khan's venue also hosted concerts by Guns N' Roses and The Kills. Celebrities and socialites alike flock to this downtown haven, including big name Olivia Palermo, Kellan Lutz, David Arquette, Nicky Hilton, Rose McGowan and more. What brought the celebs out to play besides the concerts and fashion forward events? The booze!

Open For Business: New York's New Spots

It’s the beginning of Fall and instead of retreating to our typically small NYC apartments, lets make the most of the city’s nouveau offerings. With new bars and clubs sprouting all over New York, you can make the city your personal treasure map. Go discover your future favorites at these fab up and comings.

The Saint Austere

Opened September 7th

Hearing the name of this new resident of Williamsburg, you’d expect to see the most serious, baby-boomer businessmen presiding inside, in crisp leather studded couches, and drinking scotch on the rocks. Now, throw those preconceived notions to the wind because you’re in for a comfy treat. Simple décor fills the narrow space with lightbulb pendants, a white tin ceiling, and classic red brick walls. This is the perfect addition to an area plagued by speakeasies (which we also love, but not for a low-key night). With its apartment-like interior combined with the Euro-themed wine list and menu (delectables hailing from Greece, Italy, and Spain), get ready to feel a homey sophistication at The Saint Austere.