The Lott NYC’s eternal pledge of warm beer, lousy food, and crazy fun all contribute to the raucous round-the-clock party atmosphere. They are known for throwing never ending parties, New York’s best "bad for you food menu," and an extremely attractive staff. The Lott NYC invites all of New York City to come "chug a beer, dance like an idiot, and party like a rock star.” It is ideal for letting off some steam after work or partying the night away.

The Lott NYC keeps guests partying all night long. It is a sure bet for the craziest fun to be found anywhere in the city. It’s unique décor of toilet seats and cartoon paintings on the wall makes The Lott the perfect place for a great twist on the usual after work happy hour, corporate function, or night out. Their slogan best describes this college inspired party bar, “If you're boring, and your mom dresses you funny, come on in and get 'porked', but just remember if you don't know how to party, than stay the hell home!”

Food & Drink

The menu at The Lott is for junk food aficionados! The delicious menu of finger food classics includes wild wings, popcorn shrimp, mac and cheese bites, and beer battered onion rings. The Lott has the best drink specials in the area, and is home to the most unique bottle packages in the world, including the Absolutely Broke package and the White Trash Bottle Bash. Be sure to order one of their famous Fishbowl cocktails for a truly unforgettable night!

Type of Place


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