As befits its name, this Downtown Brooklyn lounge is hidden behind an ecclesiastical façade marked by an arresting Gothic archway and a dark, arched lobby. The large interior is walled in by warm red brick and illuminated by the ruddy glow of iron wall sconces and candles, while a large natural tree sprouts from the ground in the grand main room, reaching over the cluster of grandfatherly leather chaises scattered across polished wood floors. The orthodox touches border on kitschy; an elaborate stained-glass window depicting the spiritual Tree of Life, however lovely, feels a bit jarring given the close proximity of alcohol and hip-hop beats. Black booths line the wall, and soaring, rounded arches on each side mark semi-private seating where small groups can convene in peace. A stand-alone hexagonal bar spreads out the crowd bellying up to order boutique cocktails like the assertive True Rebellion (Gentleman Jack whiskey, Benedictine, Chartreuse, and bitters) or the Brooklyn Rose (Hendricks gin, St. Germaine, rose and orange waters, and Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur). Blessedly free of the monastic schematics, the downstairs dance floor is in an exquisite room with a low ceiling, softly-lit lamp sconces, and semi-private maroon banquettes screened by curtains of gold beads. After the ominous upstairs décor, this inviting space feels positively sublime.

Type of Place

Private Event Space

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