Interview With AN21

It's been a big year for AN21, what with the release of 'Rebel' kicking things off early, Size Records hitting the Decade milestone of 100 releases, and an massive string of shows since and including Miami Music Week already under his belt. The young Swedish producer has been on rocket powered roller coaster ride of popularity and success since the release of his debut full-length album, People Of The Night, and he isn't stopping anytime soon. Now, on the even crazier ride that is the Size N/A Tour with Max Vangeli, Qulinez, and Third Party, AN21 is steadily making his way to the top of the dance music world.

Brazilia Café Opens in the Village

With the opening of Brazilia Café , grab-and-go dining just got classy.

Brazilia Café aims to be a unique beast, a combination café, juice bar, and to-go food spot where everything is made impeccably with seasonal ingredients and top-notch java. While this kind of spot is common for businessmen lunches, it’s usually typified by burnt coffee and old, boring, overpriced food. Brazilia will turn that on its head, with its emphasis on excellence in each of its many arenas.

First Listen: Trae Tha Truth Releases

Since the beginning of 2014 Trae Tha Truth has garnered notable success with singles like, "Danny Glover" and "Reckless.” The Houston rapper continues to climb up the success ladder with his latest single "Breathe Easy" freestyle, featuring Brooklyn's Troy Ave and L.A.'s Problem. Each verse delivered by the three emcees complements one another over a DJ Cardiak produced beat, which includes a sample of Jay Z's "Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)". The hook on the freestyle is also an interpolation of Jay's original from his sixth studio album, The Blueprint. Although rumors have surfaced that Truth's debut album Banned, will be released under Grand Hustle later in 2014; a set date for the album's release has not yet been confirmed. Give the "Breathe Easy" freestyle a listen and let us know what you think.

Cambalache Shows New Yorkers the Good Life -- Argentine Style

Cambalache spread out in a Brooklyn warehouse like a secret Argentine neighborhood lost in space. Tucked away in each corner of the room were in activities, decorated seating areas, secluded artists providing live entertainment, while the main expanse was filled with booths of wine, which was poured freely and sipped carefully. The crowd was abuzz from the start of the event at six until the end at eleven, with never a lull nor a dull moment. Excited Brooklynites mingled with Argentine expats hunting for a taste of their home in a Malbec grape.

Follow Us As We Walk to Cure Parkinson's Disease

It seems impossible, but I remember being six months old, enjoying a summer day at the pool with my Safta Sarah; Safta being the hebrew term for Grandmother. Singing a happy tune and navigating through the water as I sat atop an orange floatie, she offered the comfort that only a grandmother could provide. In her eyes I could do no wrong, in her world I would remain innocent forever, and if ever I needed her, she would be there.

I'm not sure whether it’s because that is the last moment untouched by her disease I can recall, or because it was one of the happiest of my young life, but I do know it is a scene that replays in my memory from time to time.

East & West Delightfully Mixes and Matches Cultures and Cuisine

East & West, the newest dining addition to hit Yotel New York, is a blend of concepts that is not as overt as it is implicit, and not as gaudy as it is complimentary.

Located on the fourth floor of Yotel, an array of tastes and textures can be found on the deceptively explorative menu created by Executive Chef Bradley Day.

There are both shareable appetizers and large entrees which can be mixed and matched with ease. East & West offers cross-continental combinations, such as Swine Candy (spiced & candied smithfield bacon, $6) along with Bánh mì & Sweet Potato Fries (8-hour pork belly, spicy napa salad, pickled carrots, pâté & miso mayo, $15). The swine candy, both sharp and flavorful, was served over fried leeks in a stemless wine glass. The generous slabs of bacon were too stiff to be cut with a knife, so we turned to breaking them into manageable halves using my hands. We may have taken the "candy" part too literally, but, hey, one can never be disappointed when bacon lives up to its name.

C5 Redefining the Game of Beer Pong

Calling all beer pong lovers! The game is about to take on a whole different meaning. Say hello to C5, the company revolutionizing the way beer pong has been played since freshman year of college thanks to their custom beer pong tables.

Joseph Mollo, C5 Founder, began his journey in his garage where he decided that cheap plastic tables wouldn’t cut it anymore. That’s when he took to designing a table worthy of the game. This resulted in a stellar looking table that could hold up, even in the midst of the most intense beer pong games. As seen to the left, the table includes a new shot to the game as well as raised ends to allow for cup and ball storage. C5 is now the largest producer of custom beer pong tables. From bars to college frat houses to your own garage, C5 hopes to make those awful foldaway tables a thing of the past.

ONLY IN NYC Hudson Common
NYC's Hottest Hotels for Nightlife

Looking to visit New York City in the future? Or, maybe you’re a local who needs to socialize without the hassle that a club can bring. Over the past few years, hotels have stepped onto the nightlife scene in a big way, upgrading their lounges and entertainment to feature signature drinks and popular DJs who spin the latest music for your entertainment. Just as popular as your neighborhood bar, but with a bit more class, hotel events have become just as packed as local spots, and whether you’re a guest or a walk-in, you know that you’ll have a good time and receive some excellent service.

All Access Pass: SIIINES @ Bowery Electric on 4/14

SIIINES transcended NYC's Bowery Electric this past Monday night, and basked in the glow of not one, but two major music genre spotlights; rock ‘n’ roll and EDM! Hailing from Los Angeles, the trio; Traviiis Triiip, Morgan Morgan, and DJ Gene (not pictured), blend aggressive rock 'n' roll rhythms with EDM instrumentals to create some colossally trail-blazing electro-rock!

After descending the stairs into the basement of Bowery Electric, we pushed our way through a thick black curtain which led us into the intimate Room. Immediately, our senses were assaulted by the smells of dust, cigarettes, and beer. We huddled in closely to see SIIINES quietly constructing their entirely Plexiglas set. Morgan stood to the left, his brows furrowed as he skillfully tuned his transparent guitar, while Traviiis skittered around the modest stage, arranging heaps of wires which endlessly streamed from their equipment.

Beauty Products that Save the Day!

With the nice weather finally having made its way into the city, you probably have begun to update your seasonal wardrobe. But don't forget about your beauty routine! Owning a few key beauty products will enable you to cut down on the time it takes to look effortlessly beautiful. has our manicured fingertips on some spring beauty faves we wanted to share with the readers!

The Best of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp. Gorgeous. Talented. Kind. The man’s got it all. Depp is one of the most influential performers of the last fifty years, an iconic piece of Hollywood that raised the bar for acting. The legend is credited in over 70 movies since 1984, when he made his debut as an unfortunate victim of Freddy Krueger’s wrath in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Since then, he has proven his artistic versatility over and over, taking roles from the dark and serious to the whimsical and giddy, totally dominating every role.