Top 5: Shows Under $20 This Weekend

It is said that Benjamin Franklin once offered the pecuniary advice, “rather go to bed without dinner, than to rise in debt.” No demographic in the world sympathizes with this sentiment more than the broke New York City cosmopolite. Just kidding, that’s ridiculous.

But still, to weigh a fun-filled night of live music against having guacamole involved in your weekly burrito experience - those guac charges really add up - is no small task. Thus, the return of the Top 5: Shows Under $20. We’re just out here trying to keep your stacks high and entertainment even higher. The schedule is a little unbalanced this week with one show on Friday and four on Saturday but the quality remains pristine. We’ve got bowling with The Budos Band, a Foo Fighter, and a platter of rap, dance and rock. Take your pick, it’s almost free.

WHAT TO DO April Fools Day Parade
An Incomprehensive Guide to April Fools Day

As if your astronomical rent wasn't enough of a joke, April Fools Day is almost upon us yet again. Like many New Yorkers, you may pride yourself on your apathetic edge and chic distain of all foolery but we strongly encourage you to let go and immerse yourself in fanfare and fiction for one day in the name of April Fools. Below are some fun things to do so you can have the last laugh this April Fool's.

1. April Fools Day Parade 5th Ave and 59th St

Get into the holiday spirit by taking part in this outlandish affair, full of pop-culture references and poking fun. Apparently, this parade will be led by none other than Mayor Bill DeBlasio in distasteful decorum. Although his appearance is certainly expected to turn heads, the shock value does not end there. Featuring a plethora of famous figures, from Beyonce to Ebola to President Obama, this star-studded satire will parade a year's worth of insanity through the streets/our most outlandish fantasies. Full of tongue-in-cheek humor and risque references, this couterfeit affair is riddled with laughs for high-brown humorists and those who enjoy hillarious one-liners alike. Have you been looking forward to attending this event all year long or considering checking it out for the very first time? I sure hope not because the 30th annual April Fools Day Parade is our favorite April Fools joke of 2015.

Weekend Pick: Lifestyle Thursdays at Haus

Make Haus your home for indulgence as you gallivant beneath their trademark chandelier at this provocative weekly party. Setting the mood at this Haus-party, DJ Sussone and DJ Spade will be your cordial hosts as they cranks out some of the best beats in the city. Boasting brilliantly concocted drinks, tiered dance floors and stellar soundtracks, Haus's Lifestyle Thursdays party will immerse yourself in the nightlife you've always dreamed of.

Going up on a Tuesday is overrated: Thursday is the trendiest weeknight for debauchery, and you can do it up in good company at Haus. It looks like you'll be starting your weekend early with doors opening at 11:00 pm on Thursday night. After a long work week, you deserve to feel right at home at Haus.

Punk Outfit La Dispute Embarks on Hometown Tour with Title Fight

La Dispute is no laughing matter. The contemplativeness of lead singer Jordan Dreyer’s lyrics border on a realm of unmitigated melancholy. His musings resemble the thoughts one has on a solitary drive on a lonely highway, when the mind ponders the nature of the vast forests and the infinite towns passing you by on the highway. There is also a rhapsodic quality to La Dispute’s music, which is fashioned by Dreyer’s lyrics and the minimalist backing instrumentation. Both they and their fans and critics loosely label the band as punk, but the definition of "punk," much like the contemporary punk beau monde, is derelict and nonuniform. This is, whatever the genre, simply good music.

This Week: Lauryn Hill at City Winery

Missed out on Ms. Hill's performance at B.B. King's Bar & Grill on Friday? It's alright, grab your next chance see Lady Hill perform selections from her classic 1998 debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, live MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 LP (2002) and other hot singles at City Winery this Wednesday.

Noted for her extraordinary performances both live and recorded, the multi-Grammy-Award winning artist has touched the hearts of many with her stay-true-to-yourself mantra, heard on hits including 'That Thing (Doo Wop),' & 'Lost Ones.' Judging from excellent reception garnered over the years, we predict that the Wednesday's performance will be no less than extraordinary.

WHAT TO EAT Loaded Dawg
Spring into Healthy Eating in 2015

As the ice finally begins to melt and the faint memory of sunshine starts to come back to us, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. By spring cleaning, we don’t mean packing up your bulky sweaters and planning for a garage sale, although there’s nothing wrong with getting organized. We’re talking about a spring body cleanse and beginning to think of all the different ways you can improve the way you live through healthy eating for spring 2015.

One of the best parts about living in New York City is the abundance of natural and organic options that have been popping up on every corner. From pop up food carts to gourmet restaurants to wellness centers and organic delivery services, NYC offers healthy options for everyone. You just have to know where to look.

Exclusive Interview: BØRNS

Garrett Borns has had a whirlwind couple of months.

Like lightening in a bottle, BØRNS exploded onto the scene last November with the release of his debut EP Candy. The Michigan-bred LA transplant is in a league of his own, bringing a personal blend of sunshine pop to the table, complete with super sweet, feel-good vibes. BØRNS' peppy tracks have won over late-night audiences (you can check out his killer Conan appearance HERE) and celebrities alike (Taylor Swift is a huge fan, #justsayingggg) - so naturally, we HAD to have a chat with the budding star before he invades NYC with MisterWives on March 31st (tickets HERE). Check out what BØRNS had to say about living in a treehouse, his super-secret side project, and California love...

BUKU Music + Art Project 2015: A Review of Day 2

Day one of BUKU Music + Art Project set the bar high for festival attendees, but wait till you hear about day two.

Taking place in New Orleans’s very own Mardi Gras World, over 50 artists performed over the two-day span of the festival. After experiencing an incredible first day on the river, it was hard to believe Saturday would come close to matching up. Yet, with a diverse lineup ranging from underground beat-connoisseurs like Hudson Mohawake and ILoveMakonnen to idolized DJ’s such as Bassnectar and Porter Robinson, fans could’ve easily spent the day between stages as every group put on a headline-worthy performance. Make sure to check out Joonbug's full review of BUKU Day 1.

Exclusive Interview: Fin-Folsom

It’s rare that you come across a band that you can’t seem to find the fitting band to compare them to. Fin-Folsom is that rarity. Brooklyn trio Conor Walsh, Joshua Gottesman, and Jeremy Nakamura “went to school together, didn't hang out, graduated, didn't enjoy working, started playing music, and are still working”. This ordinary path of most twenty-somethings lost in the limbo of life led to the extra-ordinary sound that the band describes as “Animal Pop”. What Animal Pop is, no one knows - not even the band - but that doesn't stop us from knowing that Fin-Folsom is going places, and you should probably tag along.

Swans at Music Hall of Williamsburg

A band who's changed shape, size and sound many times over the years, Swan's latest work is being widely touted as among their best. After lying dormant for 27 odd years, a surge of creativity has seen the release of three explosive albums within the last four years and their latest record, To Be Kind, has proven to be the most successful. Featuring back up vocals from Annie Clark of St Vincent fame, and the addition of bandmate Thor Harris (whose talents include the theatrically smashing of an oversized gong) this is a record that demands to be seen live.

Featuring loud guitars, moody vocals and abrasive percussion, Swans' sound is hellish and menacing, taking no prisoners from start to finish. The band's front-man and driving creative force, Michael Gera, turned 60 last year and yet shows no sign of relenting on Swans' inimitable, ominous vibe. This is a great opportunity to see a legendary, New York born & bred band. Check here for tickets and further information.

Spreadhouse Coffee: Java Of All Trades

Customize-able LED lighting, reclaimed wood, South Asian-esque textiles, and a roomy open space infused with the fragrance of fresh coffee: this is scene of Spreadhouse Coffee, the new LES coffeehouse with a seriously relaxing and stylish vibe. Thanks to owners Peter Richardson and Greg Minasian, you now have the perfectly unique coffee/work/chill spot in the heart of Lower East Side.

Considering the words "quality" and "community", it's no surprise that monster corporate franchises like Starbucks aren't exactly what come to mind. Featuring an essence that is fully localized, Spreadhouse Coffee takes pride in its character as being the anti-Starbucks. The space doubles as the office of a video production company - also ran by Richardson and Minasian under the Spreadhouse moniker - that's housed in the small "shack" in the back.