Grilling Magic this Labor Day Weekend…with Peter Kaminsky

Take your palate on a delicious adventure this fall with a quintessential figure in the culinary world. Talented ‘award winning chef’ and author of the new The Essential New York Times Grilling Cookbook, Peter Kaminsky, is ready to start every urbanite and suburbanite off this season on a scrumptious note.

Joonbug has put together an elite list of Kaminsky’s grilling tips and wine pairings to celebrate this Labor Day Weekend…in mouthwatering style! It’s time to get your charcoal grill heated up, ready to prepare the juiciest fare in town with savory perfection.

  • When grilling, Kaminsky encourages all to use charcoal rather than gas or briquettes. The woody, smoky flavors the charcoal produces in your barbequed fare are truly unparalleled.
  • Use a frying pan or griddle. Kaminsky stated that when people grill in Argentina, they typically utilize a “plancha,” which is a kind of griddle. This made Kaminsky’s creativity flow, thinking of a new burger recipe to relish with Terrazas Malbec. When using a skillet, the chopped onions on the pork burger will have firsthand contact with the heat, soaking up that luscious, caramelized taste that pairs well with Terrazas Malbec wine.
  • For large cuts of meat, turn down the heat! Lowering the heat for bigger cuts of meat is crucial to cook your meat to its prime: a juicy product with tasty, flavorful crust.
  • Don’t forget to use a thermometer; avoid getting into those family kitchen arguments over whether the meat is done yet, or not.
  • To keep your dry cuts of meat juicy; brine. This can be done overnight, by marinating the meats in the brining solution and then placing them in the refrigerator. Or you can become a top-pitmaster for the day and use an injection briner.
This is Not a Drill: Snap Dog is Giving Away FREE Hot Dogs on Labor Day

Yes, you read correctly. On Monday, and for one day only, Snap Dog, a premier producer of natural-casing hot dogs in NYC, will be giving away free hotdogs and sausages from 12pm to 2pm at its 20th St. and 10th Ave location. Owner Keith Dorman, who has successfully expanded the brand to over 20 carts throughout Manhattan, is shaking things up on the hot dog front by introducing a new skinless variety of smoked, artisanal beef franks and hot sausages that will debut Labor Day weekend at all Snap Dog locations. Don't miss out!

Life of Crime is a Great Retro Caper — Minus the Caper

Life of Crime is a film about a group of small-time criminals who kidnap a wealthy businessman’s wife for ransom. The stellar cast, decked out in their best 70’s drag, goes through the plot less like it’s a gritty caper than a hangout sitcom. It’s a slow, gentle journey, heavy on clever conversation and plots that unfold away from one another, rather than converging in a single climax.

The movie stars Jennifer Aniston, who is capitalizing on her “good woman done wrong” image to play the put-upon wife who gets kidnapped, divorced, and left for dead in the course of a week. It’s an interesting role, but Aniston is a bit of a cipher, walking through her kidnapping with more melancholy than terror. The idea of the psychically dissatisfied housewife having to confront her shambles of a marriage in the middle of a life-threatening trauma is an interesting one, but the film never grapples with it seriously, and leaves her transformation as background to the more outsized characters.

Chef Showdown in Chelsea: Classic Ceviche vs Modern Tiradito

Chelsea, NY -- A close cousin to Sashimi, the Tiradito pairs thin slices of raw fish with a delicate Peruvian sauce of aji amarillo (chili paste), ginger, lime juice, and salt. The absence of raw onions differentiates it from classic Ceviche (in addition to its cut), and its simplicity in preparation allows the fresh and intricate flavors of the fish to shine. The Peru Trade Commission and Raymi (famous for anticucho and their breathtaking ceviche bar) played host to a tasting of both Ceviche and Tiradito from a star-studded roster of the best Peruvian restaurants in the city.

September Restaurant Openings Prove the Best is Yet to Come

August was nice, but for NYC restaurants, September is the month that everyone has been waiting for! As if it knew what was coming, summer flew by and made way for the early fall season which will be hosting dozens of new restaurant openings. In order to keep you posted on where to go in the next coming month, here are our Top 5 Best Restaurant Openings for September, 2014.


1. Birds & Bubbles (100 Forsyth St.) - For months, the opening of this restaurant has been all the rage in the foodie news world. Finally, the time has come for Chef Sarah Simmons to open the doors to her new eatery. City Grit’s popular chef is releasing a menu which headlights an option not seen in other restaurants: fried chicken and champagne. Aside from this genius combination, the focus will be on “elevated southern cuisine” in their newly renovated space. Even some seasonal favorites from the City Grit tasting menu are set to be featured, which will leave customers, both new and loyal, full and satisfied at the end of their meals. For right now, no opening date has been released, but at least we know we'll be dining there soon!

Why Ke$ha Is (Surprisingly) An Excellent Role Model

1. She's challenges socially established gender roles.

She talks about having casual sex, partying, and drinking. She openly sexualizes guys, something that male artists do to women on a daily basis, except when they do it, nobody even bats an eyelash. In fact, 'Blah Blah Blah' was actually made as a conscious effort to try and create a song where she talks about men the way they talk about girls. When it's a female talking about this kind of stuff, everybody is quick to label her as trashy or uncouth, but the exact same things are celebrated and joked about when they come from a man. Ke$ha says it best herself, “I’m a young, responsible woman who can work and party as hard as any man. So, if I want to talk about drinking and sex, I’m going to do it.”

Flip On the Tele - Fox to Showcase New Show based on Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo, best known as the frontman of influential rock band Weezer, is going to have a sitcom based on life air on Fox. As many are aware, the nerd-rocker attended Harvard for a year in 1996, then left to work with Weezer full-time, only to return and finish his degree almost a decade later.

Somewhat loosely-based on Cuomo’s experiences, the show is called DeTour and revolves around a mid-thirties rockstar who departs from the limelight to “find himself” and figure out what he missed while being famous.

Fox already struck a deal with the creators to pay them if the pilot doesn’t air, so it does seem as though this one is being fast-tracked. Maybe some Weezer songs work themselves into the soundtrack – one can only hope! Just no new stuff…

Rusko Announces Followup To '!'

This has certainly been a busy summer for Leeds-born-L.A.-based producer, Rusko. Just a few short weeks after he blew us away with the incredible and eclectic, genre-bending ! EP, Rusko back with a new EP that promises to be just as diverse and interesting as the first. The ! Volume 2 EP is a six-track sequel and with the announcement comes an awesome new single featuring Pusher.

'I Wanna Mingle' starts off sporting some awesome groovy basslines before sprinkling in Waveracer-esque chiptune synths. The entire track is light and sparkling, and though some longtime Rusko fans are mourning the loss of his "old" sound, we are absolutely in love and can't wait to find out what's going to be next!

The Zedd Remix of 'Rude' Is Finally Here!!

The day has finally come. After weeks of teasers and settling by listening to a crappy festival livestream rip, you can now listen to the full, high quality version of Zedd's remix of 'Rude'!

Zedd takes the Magic! original and puts in his classic Zedd sound, even paying homage to some of his older stuff by throwing in a slightly softer version of that signature 'Spectrum' siren towards the end. From his soaring synths to the awesome pianos, Zedd's 'Rude' remix basically sounds like he took a bunch of the songs off of the Clarity album and mashed them all together before adding on the Magic! vocals, and we say this in the best way possible!

The Zedd remix of 'Rude' will be out in just five short days on September 2nd, which also happens to be Zedd's birthday! Stream the track above and get ready, because Zedd can definitely add this remix to his long list of worldwide radio sensations.

Knife Party To Release Debut Album!

From Pendulum to Knife Party (and now possibly Pendulum again?!?!), Rob Swire & Gareth McGrillen have constantly been at the forefront of musical innovation. After a trio of successful EP's, the duo have finally decided to take their talents to the next level with their very first full-length album, Abandon Ship.

Just one listen to their brand new single, 'Resistance,' and we guarantee the only thing on your mind will be "holy shit." With release news this meteoric, it seems only fitting that it come alongside a hardhitting, energy-filled banger of epic proportions. And don't forget that this is only the beginning.