City Bartenders Give Back
Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 12:58 PM | Blaine Ashley
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There's no doubt that we're a city filled with foodies, wine-os and cocktail connoisseurs. Sadly, many of our favorite local haunts were compromised by the storm with a large number of venues below 39th street completely out of business for over a week, Alphabet City and lower Manhattan bars flooded and crops of bartenders sans paychecks and tips for several days.

Yet, despite food and drink industry hardships some of the city's best bartenders and spirits industry friends have united since Hurricane Sandy slammed the state through USBG (United States Bartenders Guild) to lend a helping hand to businesses set back from the storm and the areas that were absolutely devastated.

Starting last Thursday, the group hit the East Village to help plunge water from flooded bars like the nearly brand-new, industry haven, Evelyn Drinkery on 10th St. and Avenue C and Silver Lining in Tribeca. Over the weekend, USBG tackled Red Hook with plans to hit South Street Seaport next.

Today, USBG NY organized a clean-up trip to Coney Island and the crew is working on a several more ways to give-back to bars, restaurants, communities and victims of Hurricane Sandy. For more information on USBGs relief efforts e-mail USBG NY President, Jason Litrell at or fill out this form to get involved:

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