Pink’s striking entranceway, hidden behind a black velvet curtain, leads into one of the true gems on 27th Street. Behind a curving bar lies a recessed dance floor and lounge that entertains 450 people. Always brutally crowded, this club feels especially cozy because of its circular shape and low ceiling. Clubgoers might find the décor at Pink more pleasing than usual thanks to the space’s aroma machines that set a sensual mood. The space is awash in golden hues that highlight the pearl draped chandeliers. Wooden lattices that contain greenery run along the walls. The music is always thumping and a steam machine emits a cloudy cover over dance floor to cool down the spot.

In typical New York fashion, this place is fueled by bottle buying men and the young women who accompany them. Emphasis on bottle service is made apparent by the many banquettes which serve as perfect platforms for dancing above the crowd. The energy borders on feverish and is heightened by a steady stream of house music that gets the crowd moving. The doormen at Pink can be extremely choosy, that is if they acknowledge you, and turn away girls and guys alike if they aren’t dressed to kill. The best way in is to be part of a private party, otherwise get ready to fight through the throng of people jockeying to get into this hotspot.

Courtesy of Kelly Magee

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