BLVD has a cool, contemporary decor. Mix and mingle along the impressive arched 45' glazed oak bar, lounge at one of the sleek leather VIP banquettes and dance the night away on the 1500 square foot dance floor.

Music & Atmosphere

Hip Hop, Dance, Rock

BLVD is both warm and exciting, complete with a lounge, glazed-oak bar, adn 1,500 square foot dance floor. Intimate lighting and stonework walls accent the nightclub and bar, contributing to its upscale, modern feel.

Food & Drink

BLVD has both a cafe and restaurant, perfect for a quick snack or luxurious, sit-down meal. Their menu items range from crab cakes to tuna tartar, while their cafe items offer anything from juices to breakfast sandwiches. And of course, BLVD has a full bar open for drinks and lounging.

Type of Place


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