Step right up! There’s room for all at Carnival, NYC’s Disney version of Coney Island. And they’re doing everything they can to live up to their name. By day, Carnival is a fun for all ages spot, with G-rated games and plush toy prizes. But when the sun sets the games and goods become decidedly more X-rated, with sex toys, bottle service, and a dance floor. The entire place is ringed with boardwalk attractions, featuring stilt walkers, clowns, a dunk tank, fun house, tented ceilings, and classic games like target darts, the strong man challenge, and the water-pistol sharpshooter. Also on hand: alcoholic snow cones, cotton-candy cocktails, and pulled-pork sliders.

The atmosphere of Carnival invites amusement and excess, just like any carnival you’ve ever visited, but it’s certainly no small-town amusement park With all the bright colors, entertaining games, costumed staff, and delightful food and drinks to enjoy, who wouldn’t find themselves clowning around having Big Top-sized fun?

Food & Drink

Anything you’d find at an actual carnival can be enjoyed at Carnival. Food consists of pizza, burgers, corn dogs, peanuts, and nachos. Carnival has even more fun with the cocktail menu. There are Carmel Apple Martinis, Blue Cotton Candy Martini, and even a Pink Elephant on Parade. All drinks are equally delicious, but Carnival’s signature drink, The Dunk Tank, a $70, two gallon mix of Absolute Vodka, Malibu Rum, Beefeater Gin, and fruit juice is a cocktail reserved for the ultimate partygoers. Served in a “You Just Got Tanked by the Dunk Tank” keepsake glass, this mega concoction is sure to greet you happily the next morning as you rummage around for the aspirin.

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