Parking Gets a Whole Lot Easier Just in Time for Halloween

Finding parking on a Holiday in a big city is always a challenge. Hours are easily wasted h searching endlessly for a parking spot. Until now. Enter Parking Panda! It’s a free app in over 40 cities that allows drivers to find, reserve, and redeem parking in advance.

How does it work? Customers visit or download the iOS or Android App and use the platform to see real-time prices, distance, and availability as well as choose a location. Browsing locations is made easy by popular location categories like “Venues,” “Points of Interest,” “Hotels,” “Neighborhoods, “Restaurants,” and “Monthly Parking.” Parking Panda also categorizes locations by popular events occurring in the city at the time. After finding the location of interest, customers enter their payment information and display their mobile phone to the attendant when they arrive at their selected location.

Catch A Starry Sky in Our Very Own Madison Square Park

To show New Yorkers they have the power to create anything - even a sky filled with stars,, the leading global Web development platform that allows anyone to easily create and manage their own online website, invites you to come put stars back into the New York City night sky. Simply go to their website, design your very own star, and head on over to Madison Square Park on Saturday, November 1st to witness it in the sky.

Check out a sneak peek video!

Five Everyday Yoga Poses to Incorporate into Your Life

In today’s stressful world, everyone is rushing from place to place, thinking about what’s next or regretting what’s past. Yoga , or yoga Sana, teaches us to be in the present by enabling us to put aside daily stressors for the time being while we center our bodies through posture and breathing exercises. By focusing on the union of our body, mind and spirit, we learn to create a sense of calm in our lives. Originally developed in India, the spiritual practice of yoga, meaning “union” in Sanskrit (language of yoga), has been evolving over the last 5,000 years. While there are thousands of variations of yoga poses out there, here are five yoga poses for everyday life that can be practiced right in the comfort of your home.

Diabetes? There's an App for That

Did you know that in 2012, 29.1 million Americans were fighting against diabetes? Since then, the numbers have fluctuated in different directions as new strides have been taken to monitor and fight this condition. Now, because of how huge of a role technology takes in bettering the lifestyles of people with this diagnosis, it’s only natural that an app would pop up to be used by patients, as well. Introducing ShugaTrak, the newest app available which is sure to effortlessly work its way into our hearts before we know it.

6 Holiday Gifts With a 0% Re-Gifting Rate

We know it may be a tad bit early, but proper preparation is a quintessential part of the upcoming holiday season. No worries, however, because we have compiled a grand list of all the best gadgets to save up for as the holidays approach. Whether you’re shopping for a spouse, kids, or planning to treat yourself, the upcoming months promise an onslaught of nifty gifts to indulge in.

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto ® Genio™

Scary Stories: The First Date Edition

It’s Halloween time and in true holiday fashion, spooky decorations abound, scary movies pervade every playlist, online costume shops seize all web browsers, and candy falls generously into each supermarket shopping cart. Sometimes though, the scariest things in life are not holiday specific. Sometimes, they are the unknown things we are liable to encounter on any given day. Sometimes, they are horrific first dates such as these shared with us by our loyal readers. Grab a flashlight and gather around for Scary Stories: The First Date Edition. You might want to sleep with the light on after this.

The 10 Most Perplexing Things About NYC

How Do I Get My Groceries Home? - You’re smarter than this. Maybe you’re not. Find the grocery store with the easiest travel accommodations and set aside time to make that trip. We suggest Trader Joe’s, as it is a huge money saver in this here expensive city. It will be a slight struggle lugging your groceries along the subway, but you’ll get used to it. Helpful hint: invest in a large rolling suitcase for bulk buying. Bring to the store, put your grocery bags inside--viola!

No More Student Tickets!– This shouldn’t be a shocker. You live in the most expensive city in the United States now so of course there will be sufficient decrease in discounts. If you are fortunate enough to be height challenged, you may be able to fly under the radar with a children’s ticket. If not, cough up the big bucks, you’re in the Big Apple now.

What to do When You Can't Escape Your Ex

While this may not apply to you now, it may one day so read on. Some are lucky enough to rid of exes as quickly as the sunsets. Others aren't so lucky. While it may seem like the easiest solution would be to pack up and move to a brand new city and try to forget the disaster of a relationship never hand, that's just not always plausible. However, if it is, you might want to try that.

1. Friend of a friend – We thought we should start with the most obvious way that exes seem to stay around. It was convenient when you were dating; group outings and double dates are always a good time. However, now that you can’t stand to look your stupid ex in the face, it’s slightly difficult to make plans with certain friends because they reek of ex girlfriend/boyfriend. All their stories are littered with your old beau and you just want them to end that friendship. Unfortunately, the only escape from this is ending a friendship, or “accidentally” saying something that ends the relationship between your friend and your ex.

Foodie Meets Techie With The Best And Worst Food Apps

Remember that saying “There’s an app for that”? Since apps have become such a huge part of everyday life, the phrase really does have a lot of truth behind it. Considering just how diverse the spectrum is, we decided to dive into the market and dig up the best and worst apps designed for some of our favorite people: foodies. Of course, forget about Yelp and OpenTable — those are givens. Instead, let’s focus on the smaller apps that will have you either downloading them immediately or scratching your head wondering why they exist in the first place

Snap: Groupon's New Way to Shop Smart at the Grocery Store

Groupon has released yet another way to save! With its recent acquisition of a company called SnapSaves, Groupon has unveiled a new app for savvy spenders. Called Snap, the app offers customers cash back on specific grocery items purchased at the store. How it works: Shoppers simply download the free app, check current offers and then go shopping. They can go to any retailer in the US or Canada. All they have to do is submit a picture of the receipt (hence the "Snap") to get the predetermined rebate. Certain items — likely from brands with which Groupon has secured deals — are eligible for discounts, which shoppers receive in the form of a cash-back deal. After building up $20 or more in savings, Snap users are cut a check from Groupon, which they can receive in the mail.

The Art of Emoji Flirting, A User's Manual and Pro Tips

Thanks to the rapid rise of the ever so popular emoji, we no longer have to verbalize our emotions when communicating. That's right, our phones now come equipped with facial expressions to use in place of actual words, because expressing yourself is just so hard. When trying to convey flirtatious messages to the opposite sex, these come in handy. Follow our simple guide to proper emoji usage for flirtatious text messaging.

Heart eyes. Let’s start with the obvious. This emoji transcends all virtual interaction. From Instagram, to Twitter, to the messages in your inbox, this is a universal “I’m attracted” emoji. In case you were somehow clueless, if you are presented with this emoji, somebody is interested. For those who like to send these, calm down. No need to throw the heart eyes out to everybody, or constantly use them. We get it, you like what you see. While emojis are fun, let’s practice using our words sometimes too, ok?