Move Over Six Californias, Here Come Six New Yorks

As you might have already heard, there was a new proposal in California to carve the state into six different states. The idea is to satisfy a variety of political issues that come up with such a huge state, but it seems pretty unlikely. Nonetheless, the idea got us thinking, so here are the six states we'd carve out of New York.

1. New Amsterdam (current Times Square)

Okay, hear us out. Yes, Times Square is the worst. It's basically a red light district for Midwestern families. But imagine if those hyper-capitalists got to set their own rules? This state would make Amsterdam look like Singapore.

Because You Deserve The Massage of Your Life

After a stressful week at the office, or a tiring weekend with the demanding in-laws, unwinding and intense relaxation is more than necessary. What better place to release the stress of a taxing week than at one of the best massage parlors in NYC? With our tremendous research skills, and the internet, we've rounded up the best of the best.

1. Massage by Design (222 W 17th St.)

Yelpers rave out about the magical hands of the famous Fernando. His therapeutic fingers are known across the city. The spa, located in Chelsea was easily voted one of the best places to receive a massage in the New York City area. However, not just any massage, a massage by the infamous masseuse, Fernando. Reviews all begin with “Fernando was amazing...” “Fernando was excellent...” “Fernando is a magnificent practitioner of therapeutic massage.”We have got to find this Fernando! He creates a bond between himself and his clients to the point that they feel the need to boast about his outrageous skills on a public forum. If you’re looking for an unforgettable massage experience, this is the place to go.

DataVision Becomes the First Fully-Connected Electronics Store

DataVision is currently one of the best technology retailers available to us in the city. After well establishing their presence in midtown, the company is set to open their new flagship store at 50 W 23rd St., between 5th and 6th Aves. next to Home Depot, this Monday, July 21st. The store will be a mecca for anyone looking to fulfill a technological need.

A New Yorker's Ten Greatest Fears

Of course we're all tremendously lucky to live in NYC. The city has a ton of great art, theater, and food, and there's always a party going on somewhere. But these are the ten things that almost make us want to pack up and move to the suburbs. (Just kidding -- not even close.)

1. Being trapped on the sidewalk behind a family of tourists

They seem to be having a great time exploring the city, snapping photos and figuring out how to use the MetroCard machine, but it's 8am on a Monday and people have places to be.

Re-evaluating Your Circle

Although possibly a bit cliché, it is a universally acknowledged gospel that each and every circle of friends, or clique, rather, presents a uniform structure of assigned social roles.

No matter how diverse your circle is, it necessary and wise to keep certain positions filled for various reasons. If you happen to lack a certain role, it may be time to reevaluate and search for some new crew members.

The Optimist/Motivator

For those nights when you feel like your back’s against the wall and you can’t go on any further, this friend is there to give you that extra push. They’re always there with words of encouragement, even when you least expect it. Got a new job?

Self-Serve Beer Vending Machines Have Arrived

We're catching up to the future at a rapid pace. Check this out: self-serving beer vending machines. You read that right.

Introducing DraftServ, the system that will dispense your favorite beer at the touch of a button. The machines can be "dropped in" to any venue, making it easier for larger places like stadiums (it's coming to MLB!) to efficiently serve beer. Currently, beer prices and the wait time of concession lines are going through the roof. Although this technology doesn't look like it may necessarily lower the price of beer, it will definitely lower the wait time for a beer. DraftServ also plans for the machine to regulate alcohol consumption and give attendees more choices of what to drink.

The Coolest Grills for your Fourth of July BBQ

Spaceship Fire Pit by Gator Pit of Texas: $55,000

"My intent to show is that Gator Pit can design and construct a smoker or grill to fit your wants and needs no matter what," says Ritch Robin, president of Gator Pit of Texas. The founder of the trophy-winning custom pits company built his first pit at 14 and now has a TV show, "King of the Grill," airing on Discovery Channel. This spaceship grill, built custom for a new craft beer company, has two beer taps on one wing, several cooking chambers, and even shoots fire from the end like a real spaceship in takeoff.


Perfectly Preserve Your Wine!

After a girl’s night in with your BFFs, it may be unheard of to have a bottle of wine leftover. But just in case no one wanted just one more class of Cab, you won't have to worry about the bottle going bad in between get-togethers, with just the touch of a button—no pumping required.

Thanks to the new Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver, you never have to worry about your wine expiring again. This is the easiest device one could dream of using in the process of preserving wine.

LIFESTYLE's 10 Summer Essentials

Scott Disick, best known for shtupping The One That Isn't Kim Kardashian (no, not Khloe), recently released his list of summer essentials. Disick's list included a Rolex, a white "summer Lamborghini" (which obviously one must stop driving after Labor Day), and other luxury goods, totaling $450,000. But his list, while respectable, felt a little incomplete. Here's our rundown of the ten goods that are absolutely necessary this summer.

And if you're a bit worried about the price, don't be: trust us and Scott Disick. These aren't luxuries, they're essentials. Throw the sunscreen, Nalgene, and reasonably priced jorts, because this summer you're keeping up with the Kardashians.

Invest in a Fresh Beer Tap for Your Counter

We all wish there was just a little more room in the fridge for all our beer among the space necessary for meats and vegetables. Imagine having a tap that poured fresh, cold beer whenever you wanted it, straight from the bar—or rather, straight from the counter.

Introducing SYNEK, the new tap for your kitchen.

"SYNEK is a draft system that serves any beer, fresh from the tap, anywhere you want it," says Steve Young, the creator of the machine. Inside the device, which is no bigger than a standard toaster oven, is a vacuum-sealed bag that either you or breweries can fill with your favorite beer. The bag can hold up to 128 fl oz. or 30PSI and is UV-protected to be able to store the beer fresh for months. The bags are also interchangeable; you can pour one glass and then switch to a different brew without losing quality, unlike a growler, which goes bad within two or three days.

Pinterest-Perfect Fourth of July

When it comes to stepping up an occasion from ordinary to MAGNIFICENT, Joonbug has prepared a Pinterest go-to guide. We’ve included the hottest lowdown to make this holiday weekend Pinterest-perfect. Check out the most fabulous ensembles to rock on the 4th, mouthwateringly festive recipes to prepare, patriotic home décor and so much more…here’s the scoop.

* Fun, Fab & Fourth-of-July-ish

Every urbanite should get their chic trend on with unique patriotic garb. No matter where this weekend may take you, Pinterest has a variety of stylish looks to get creative with, dressing to impress in no time. From a flirty sundress, wedges and sunhat to a casual all-American look with jean shorts and leather cowgirl boots, this weekend should surely scream “fashion statement.”