Here's What Oculus Rift Would Pick Up on a Roller Coaster

When Oculus VR first announced their developer kit back in 2012, the options for a simulated reality were limitless. The initial path that game developers took is to simulate popular video games like Team Fortress, Skyrim, Half Life 2, and Bioshock. However, once the updated prototypes started pouring out, more questions came forward. How would the new prototypes pick up real life stimuli with its sensors? More importantly, how would Oculus function on something with an overwhelming amount of movement?

Enter, VR Coaster! In February 2014, the team set out to experiment the functioning of the Oculus Rift on different tracks and boy, is it highly exciting! The detailed write up that VR Coaster did with their findings is absolutely thrilling to read. You can read all of it here but for now, we can summarize the exciting stuff! In short, the experience doesn't seem to bring out any kind of dizziness or motion sickness, the VR track seems to be far more complex than the original roller coaster's, and, apparently carrying a controller with the VR piece makes the experience highly interactive!

Check out VR Coaster's "Blue Fire" Oculus Rift + Real View!

Dining Gets a Whole Lot Easier with the Dash App

Are you sick of waiting for your check at the end of your meal? Lucky for you, Jeff McGregor and Gennady Spirin founded the Dash app in 2011 with the belief that no one should have to endure the painstaking over-waiting (or any wait at all!) for the check at a restaurant, or worse, the fear after leaving a credit card behind at a bar. McGregor and Spirin came up with Dash on a New Year’s Day brunch when they were sick of waiting so long for their bill. They knew there could be a mobile solution, and so, Dash came into being.

Dash revolutionizes the dining and going out experience using a patented technology that directly connects users’ mobile devices with participating venues’ sales systems. The mobile payment app allows patrons to check-in, view, split, and pay their tab from their smartphone. Users can view itemized bills in real time, instantly pay-and-go, easily tip and split tabs with friends, access descriptions of local venue atmospheres, and automatically check-in. Dash is connected to 50 venues in NYC, and 30 venues in Chicago. Junior’s Cheesecake, Brass Monkey, Ulysses Folk House, Village Taverna, Leave Rochelle Out of It, and Bond St. have already become Dash venues, and more are sure to come!

A Fundamental 'I Am I a New Yorker Yet?' Checklist

You’ve been here for years. You even picked up a slight accent. You eat food from a deli and know how to take the subway without even having to open your trusty app on your smart phone. That qualifies you as New Yorker, right? Wrong. We put together a list of the ten things you must do before rbeing christened as a true New Yorker. (Sidenote: if you have taken a bus tour in the last 2 years, this list is null and void. You will need to reapply for New Yorker accreditation in the next 3 years.)

Eat at a food truck – While we don’t suggest making this a regular occurrence because it could eventually deteriorate your precious organs, you have to be comfortable with ordering from a restaurant on wheels to be considered a New Yorker. Eventually you will stumble across a favorite, or two, and be weary of the trucks you need to steer clear of.

Rebecca Minkoff and eBay Makes Shopping Smarter

Gone are the days of sticking your head out of the dressing room door to ask for a different size, color, or cut. Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with eBay to bring costumers an interactive shopping experience. The idea is to take all of the inconvenience out of shopping and make it an efficient and productive affair for both the costumer and the company.

We're all on board with being able to tap a touchscreen to pull clothes for a fitting room. No more lugging around a bunch of hangers on your arm and waiting in line either. You'll receive a text when a fitting room with your choice of items is available. The new tech also boasts the ability to change the lighting in the updated fitting rooms in shades ranging from "Brooklyn Morning" to "Soho After Dark." It's like real life instagram filters! And the virtual shopping also makes it possible to check out from anywhere within the store. You won't ever have to wait in line to checkout again.

ART May the CANs Be Ever in Your Favor by Weidlinger Associates
Canstruction: 75,000 Food Cans Transformed into Subway Entrance, Statue of Liberty and More

We've all seen pictures online of perfectly stacked cans in different pop culture-related structures. Here's your chance to see and, possibly, contribute to some in our own city! In honor of New York's biggest food charity drive, City Harvest, Canstruction is hosting their 22nd annual design competition. Teams of architects, engineers, contractors, and the students they mentor compete to build large-scale structures made entirely out of unopened cans of food. These sculptures are open for the public to admire until they are dismantled and donated to City Harvest for distribution.

Parking Gets a Whole Lot Easier Just in Time for Halloween

Finding parking on a Holiday in a big city is always a challenge. Hours are easily wasted h searching endlessly for a parking spot. Until now. Enter Parking Panda! It’s a free app in over 40 cities that allows drivers to find, reserve, and redeem parking in advance.

How does it work? Customers visit or download the iOS or Android App and use the platform to see real-time prices, distance, and availability as well as choose a location. Browsing locations is made easy by popular location categories like “Venues,” “Points of Interest,” “Hotels,” “Neighborhoods, “Restaurants,” and “Monthly Parking.” Parking Panda also categorizes locations by popular events occurring in the city at the time. After finding the location of interest, customers enter their payment information and display their mobile phone to the attendant when they arrive at their selected location.

Catch A Starry Sky in Our Very Own Madison Square Park

To show New Yorkers they have the power to create anything - even a sky filled with stars,, the leading global Web development platform that allows anyone to easily create and manage their own online website, invites you to come put stars back into the New York City night sky. Simply go to their website, design your very own star, and head on over to Madison Square Park on Saturday, November 1st to witness it in the sky.

Check out a sneak peek video!

Five Everyday Yoga Poses to Incorporate into Your Life

In today’s stressful world, everyone is rushing from place to place, thinking about what’s next or regretting what’s past. Yoga , or yoga Sana, teaches us to be in the present by enabling us to put aside daily stressors for the time being while we center our bodies through posture and breathing exercises. By focusing on the union of our body, mind and spirit, we learn to create a sense of calm in our lives. Originally developed in India, the spiritual practice of yoga, meaning “union” in Sanskrit (language of yoga), has been evolving over the last 5,000 years. While there are thousands of variations of yoga poses out there, here are five yoga poses for everyday life that can be practiced right in the comfort of your home.

Diabetes? There's an App for That

Did you know that in 2012, 29.1 million Americans were fighting against diabetes? Since then, the numbers have fluctuated in different directions as new strides have been taken to monitor and fight this condition. Now, because of how huge of a role technology takes in bettering the lifestyles of people with this diagnosis, it’s only natural that an app would pop up to be used by patients, as well. Introducing ShugaTrak, the newest app available which is sure to effortlessly work its way into our hearts before we know it.

6 Holiday Gifts With a 0% Re-Gifting Rate

We know it may be a tad bit early, but proper preparation is a quintessential part of the upcoming holiday season. No worries, however, because we have compiled a grand list of all the best gadgets to save up for as the holidays approach. Whether you’re shopping for a spouse, kids, or planning to treat yourself, the upcoming months promise an onslaught of nifty gifts to indulge in.

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto ® Genio™

Scary Stories: The First Date Edition

It’s Halloween time and in true holiday fashion, spooky decorations abound, scary movies pervade every playlist, online costume shops seize all web browsers, and candy falls generously into each supermarket shopping cart. Sometimes though, the scariest things in life are not holiday specific. Sometimes, they are the unknown things we are liable to encounter on any given day. Sometimes, they are horrific first dates such as these shared with us by our loyal readers. Grab a flashlight and gather around for Scary Stories: The First Date Edition. You might want to sleep with the light on after this.