25 Unique, Cool Gift Ideas for Your Guy
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 09:58 AM | Christina Nicole
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Guys are usually pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts, so why is it when the time comes to buy for our boyfriend, husband or significant other we rack our brains to come up with the most creative, cool gift idea that no woman in the past could have possibly thought of. While I don’t have a significant other that I need to buy for this holiday season, I did survey my group of guy friends to find out more about what guys really want. While many of the gifts range in price, I’ve broken these 25 fabulous gift ideas down into three separate categories based on how much you would like to spend. Some of the ideas on this gift guide are unique and fun, while others are simply there because you can’t go wrong with them ― sports tickets anyone?

High (Over $100)

1. Tickets to see his favorite band/group perform

2. Monthly membership to Wine/Cigar/Bacon of the month club (Amazing Clubs.com)

3. Tickets to see his favorite sports team play in an upcoming game

4. Dinner at a super exclusive high-end restaurant

5. Private helicopter tour

6. Some type of tech gadget he doesn’t already have (iPad, nexus, jetpack, hotspot, GPS)

7. Round of golf (or another athletic activity) that he takes part in

8. A paid subscription to Sirius/XM radio

Medium ($50-$100)

9. Sports jersey/memorabilia  

10. His favorite cologne

11. Leather wallet

12. iTunes gift card to load up his phone/ipod

13. Mobile device accessories

14. The last season of his favorite TV show on DVD

15. Dinner at a moderately priced restaurant

16. Gift card to Best Buy, Apple, Verizon

Low (Under $50)

17. Home cooked meal/homemade cookies

18. A personalized framed photo of you and him

19. A bottle of his favorite liquor

20. Movie tickets for a night out

21. A basket/tin of his favorite food (gourmet popcorn, truffles, chocolate covered pretzels)

22. Christmas ornament

23. Gift card to Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts or wherever else he buys his coffee on the way to work

24. A book/DVD that interests him

25. A yearly subscription to his favorite magazine

Have a fabulously unique gift idea that’s wowed the socks off your guy in the past? Share it in the comments section below.


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