305 Fitness
Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 03:47 PM | Blaine Ashley
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Think aerobics is just a craze of the 80s past? Think again. Right here in NYC, city gals are jumping in to make sweat sexy with 305 Fitness.

Tired of trudging along on the elliptical? Shake things up with 305 Fitness: the latest dance method sweeping the exercise world by storm offering up bomb moves, sassy instructors and booty-busting music.

305 Fitness offers workouts for those who love a good party. The action packed classes feature a DJ, glowsticks and a bartender whipping up smoothies while the classes whip booties into top shape. The average calories burned in a class is 800!

305 is also hosting pop-up work-out parties across the city, rotating the parties between lofts, nightclubs and dance studios.

For more information visit: www.305fitness.com.




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