Exubrancy Brings Yoga Right to Your Office, World Peace Ensues
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Chelsea-Rae Abbate
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Photgraphy by Shiri Lara

Does the sound of the person clearing their throat in the cubicle next to you once an hour make you cringe uncontrollably?  Have you seriously considered leaving a flaming bag of poop on your boss’ desk?  Do you consistently have to remind yourself to breathe and not fling a stapler across the room? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, we may have a solution for you, one that doesn't involve such drastic measures. The fledgling company Exubrancy totally feels your pain, and in its short one-year existence, has helped dozens of companies come together to find harmony in this giant rat race we call our “careers.”

We spoke with Exubrancy’s founder, Liz Wilkes, who explained that after taking a class with Deepak Chopra, she became interested in investing in how people evolve.  She wanted to help improve the morale of people who wouldn’t normally seek out yoga and meditation by focusing on health and wellness in a corporate setting. 

Recently, Joonbug.com had the opportunity to sit (and participate!) in a yoga class held at the office of one of Exubrancy’s clients. Employee participation and energy definitely varies by company, but we were lucky enough to join an extremely enthusiastic and motivated group of people. Exubrancy began working with this particular organization in March, and a weekly yoga class was the kick-off event, followed by a bi-weekly spin class and a monthly rotation of barre and pilates. This particular group garners 8-10 participants per event, due to the small size of the company and the fact that a lot of employees travel often. 

When we spoke with the staff, they happily sang the praises of Exubrancy’s presence in their office.  “Not only are the classes a great way to relieve stress, it really serves as a great team bonding tool for the whole office”, says Kiara, one of the highly enthusiastic participants of this program.  “Liz takes care of a lot of the details of organizing these events, which is great because we’re so busy and don’t have the time to research fitness options for ourselves. Exubrancy is extremely accommodating, and the instructors (especially Charlie the Yogi) are fantastic.”

We can attest to this first hand: Charlie’s class was fun, challenging, and engaging, and we had an absolute blast.  If our offices invested in Exubrancy, we’d be all over it.

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