Indie Films and the Mainstream
Monday, December 3, 2012 at 11:30 AM | darien trujillo
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Whether we notice it or not the indie films nowadays have more and more to do with compositional devises rather than creative autonomy. In light of their growing popularity, Hollywood and other major studios over the last few years have been busy researching the structure of popular indie film titles in an attempt to recreate their success and tap this burgeoning market. The result has forged another sub-category of movies that adhere to a list of recurring themes and motifs while obscuring the original purpose of the indie film society in the process. The subsequent “indie” genre is merely the exploitation of the movie industries desperate need for originality. What needs to be re-clarified to audiences is the original mission of the independent film. In fact it is not a type of film; but rather a movement of actors/writers/directors who through their own devises (budget) create film free of studio limitations and more often than major production houses offer aspiring actors/directors/writers with opportunity. This is not to say that the movies listed under this category aren’t worth watching, however for film aficionados like myself it explains a huge technical misconception. Click here for more reading and’s seven recurring clichés in indie movie scripts.

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