Stocking Stuffers Part I
Monday, November 26, 2012 at 02:13 PM | Blaine Ashley
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Buh-bye T-day, hello Christmas. Sure you snagged a lot of killer deals on Black Friday and perhaps picked up a present or ten for friends and family. But, some of our favorite pressies for the gift-of-giving holiday happen to be stocking stuffers. Here are some fun finds we scooped up while surfing the internet this weekend:

Liquid Courage: Cleverly Fashioned Flasks

These cheeky, vinyl-clad flasks feature diverse, distinctive designs, all encouraging that certain someone to sip with a smile.

For more info click here.

AquaNotes: Water-proof Shower Notepads

Don’t let your daily routines burst your thought bubble. For those ground-breaking ideas that pop into our heads while scrub-a-dub dubbing, AquaNotes designed an eco-friendly, waterproof notepad to capture that brilliance before it goes the way of those suds.

For more information visit click here.

Argoz: All About the Argyle Socks

Socks again? Nah, these footsie friendly argyles are ultra-quirky and cool. Made with the highest-quality cottons and just enough stretch to ensure the perfect ankle hug. It’s time to sock it up and stuff stockings with style.

For more info click here.

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