Monday, November 19, 2012 at 02:18 PM | Amanda Mactas
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A new social network has entered the fray, called TTAGIT. This new network is the first open-forum discussion and comment management system that allows users to comment on all URLs with one login. Users can share ideas and see what is trending, all while collecting achievement badges, making it a fun, as well! We were able to chat with one of the company's creators, Lori McClenahan about what we can expect from this new social network.

How does TTAGIT differ from other social networks?
TTAGIT, is the first open-forum discussion social network and comment management system that permits users to comment on all URLs with one login, allows you to talk over any website without leaving the page. Different from any other social network, TTAGIT’s primary focus is on commenting and sharing at the source. The standard sharing platform of social networks is to bring information to the social network itself.  TTAGIT not only brings information in but also leaves it where it belongs – the source. For example, with Facebook and Twitter a user can share a URL by posting to their wall or tweeting about it. With TTAGIT, not only does it post to TTAGIT, but you can also find the data on the source, the URL.

What inspired you to create TTAGIT?
TTAGIT’s mission was to open up the entire internet for discussion on one platform, one login and one social network as we found there was a niche market that was untouched.

Tell us a bit about the rewards you can get.
You can earn various badges as you make tags. There are over 100 different badges so far. In addition, you can win contests randomly based on the amount of tags you make on a particular subject. ( ie. the NFL, you can win two free tickets to an NFL game.)

Can you tell us a bit about your partnership with Jeremy Ausmus?

We sponsored Jeremy for the 2012 World Series of Poker. He beat 6,600 players to be in the top nine and other than the guy that won, Jeremy received the most press as he was the underdog in the tournament and he was the only home town player from Las Vegas. He wore our Logo on all TV and Media appearances, and he mentioned TTAGIT as his sponsor in all interviews and press articles.

Do you have plans for future partnerships?

Yes, we have plans for future partnerships which will aid in increasing the number of users. We are presently in negotiations with several parties.

What can we expect in the future?
We can expect the full launch of our mobile applications, including iPhones and multiple tablets, as well as accessibility on all browsers making TTAGIT more widely available. In addition, we can expect numerous strategic alliances and sponsorships with well know parties.

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